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Paid Time Off

Sick/Personal Leave

Employees who work their full contracted year will earn sick days according to the following schedule:

10-month employee
10 sick days
11-month employee
11 sick days
12-month employee
12 sick days

Personal Leave:  Of the total earned sick days, 6 of them may be used for personal reasons. When checking your Employee Self-Service, 6 personal days will be listed in a separate category. Please keep in mind, those are not additional days that should be added toward your sick balance. For example, if your sick time says 75 hrs. and your personal time says 45 hrs., that means you can use 45 of those 75 hrs. for personal reasons.

How time is earned:

  • 10-month employees will earn 4 sick days at the end of August once they return after summer break. After that, they will earn 1 full day of sick time on the final Friday of every month through February. 
  • 11-month and 12-month employees will receive 4 days at the end of July.

Since we earn time in advance, if an employee resigns or retires prior to the end of their contract, their sick time will be adjusted based on the number of days they worked. For example, if an employee works 40 days of their contract, they will be entitled to 2 days of sick time.


Only 12-month employees are eligible to earn vacation time. Eligible employees will earn a minimum of a half day per pay period. Hours earned are based on continuous years of service with Pasco County Schools.

0-5 years of service
.5 days per biweekly pay period
6-10 years or service
.625 days per biweekly pay period
10+ years of service
.75 days per biweekly pay period


Paid holidays vary from school year to school year.  For information regarding what holidays are paid this year, choose the work calendar that corresponds to your position here.


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