Employee Assistance Program
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Welcome to the Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a benefit program intended to ensure a healthy work environment for all staff. Through a partnership between Pasco County Schools and New Directions (our behavioral health care provider), our employees will have access to enhanced services. These services include counseling and referral for personal or work-related issues, health coaching, legal and financial consultation, and a wealth of online resources.

Clinical Corner

Culture Contribution

Culture has been called “the way of life for an entire society.”  It can have very broad application, including food and drink, the arts, spiritual beliefs, traditions, customs and much more.  Culture also is a descriptor of a way of being in families, neighborhoods, small teams or even large organizations such as Pasco County Schools.

We contribute to the culture we’re a part of – some of us do this passively and some are active in our contribution.  If you live within a family or are part of a neighborhood, a team, or work for Pasco County Schools, what contribution are you imparting to each culture you’re a part of?

If you’re in a leadership position (maybe a parent, a coach or a manager for example) how are your actions shaping culture?  Leaders impact culture by their words and actions.  Communicating in clear, consistent and supportive ways helps establish strong culture.  Asking questions, being curious to understand the experiences, needs and feedback of those you lead can help create a culture of openness.  Behaving in approachable and kind ways to those you lead helps establish a culture of teamwork and safety.  Greeting and acknowledging others, taking interest in getting to know what’s happening in the lives of those you lead, can help establish a culture of being known.  Being known is one of the primary needs humans have.

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a leader, yet.  That’s ok, you still may be able to play a powerful role in shaping the culture in which you live, play and work.  Your attitude, beliefs and actions can be tremendous contributions! 

Two key empowerment questions we can ask ourselves are, “What do I want?” and “What am I doing to get what I want?”  If we would like the culture we operate within to be different, giving these two questions serious thought has better change prospects than looking to something or someone else to bring the change.

If you would like to work with a supportive, non-judgmental professional to address issues sparked by the above, or for any other reason, please reach out to our EAP program services provider today to begin.  800-624-5544 is the 24/7 number to initiate services.