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ATTENTION: The Last Day for free fingerprints will be May 31, 2024, after this date free fingerprinting will no longer be available!

HREQ has partnered with Fieldprint for fingerprinting appointments and processing.  Fieldprint has locations nationwide, and many sites are open outside of regular working hours, including weekends. Please follow the instructions below to schedule your fingerprinting appointment.  

Visit FIELDPRINT and sign up as a new user (previous users simply login).  You will be asked to enter a unique code.  Use the appropriate code from the list below.  Select the "I know my Fieldprint Code" option.  DO NOT USE THE DROPDOWN OPTION.  The chart also lists the fee you will be charged.  Be prepared to pay online using a credit or debit card. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can use a Visa/Amex/MC gift card available for purchase from your local grocery store or pharmacy. If you are interested in becoming a guest teacher through ESS, please use the Vendor Code below.

  • VENDOR (to include Badge) – Code: FPPascoVendor Fee: $89.58
  • COLLEGE INTERN –  Code: FPPascoIntern Fee: $79.50*
  • CHARTER SCHOOL EMPLOYEE; Code: FPPascoCharter Fee: $61.25

         *Interns who were fingerprinted starting with the 2015-2016 school year, and who transition into full-time employment with Pasco County Schools immediately following graduation, will not be required to be reprinted as employees.

          Rates as of February 20, 2019.



If you do not have an active JLA Badge: You will need to be fingerprinted following the instructions and using the appropriate Vendor code noted above. However, you may want to review the list of disqualifying offenses before scheduling (and paying for) your fingerprint appointment. If you were ever charged and found guilty for any of the listed charges*, you will not be eligible to be a vendor nor work in any capacity in Pasco County Schools. Please note that your plea in a case is equally important as the outcome. If you plead "guilty" or "no contest" to any of the charges on the list, regardless of adjudication, it will have the same effect as having been found guilty for employment purposes, and you will not be eligible to be a vendor.

* Note: For vendors that will have DIRECT CONTACT with students, the entire list will apply.  For vendors that will have INDIRECT CONTACT or NO CONTACT with students, only the items highlighted in yellow will apply.

The district may also consider frequency, recency and severity of other charges listed to make a determination of suitability to work as a vendor in Pasco County Schools.

If you were fingerprinted as a vendor in another county or school district, please complete the Shared Database Request Form. If you elect to print and fill out the form, you can scan or email to

Once you’ve submitted the Shared Database Request Form, should you need a replacement JLA badge, please follow the directions above to schedule an appointment with Fieldprint to have your photo taken, using the following code:        

  • VENDOR (Badge ONLY) – Code: FPPascoVBadge Fee: $10.00


Background Screening Guidelines & Review Requirements

All new instructional and non-instructional employees must be fingerprinted per Sections 1012.465 and 1012.56, Florida Statutes. There should be no student contact prior to fingerprinting and background approval. Fingerprints must be submitted to the Department of Law Enforcement for statewide criminal and juvenile records checks and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for federal criminal records checks.

Fingerprints secured through Pasco County Schools shall be retained for active monitoring and resubmitted for state and national background checks every 5 years, for as long as the individual holds an active relationship (employee, intern, student) with the school district. These will be purged upon separation from the district. Vendor prints will be retained for 5 years, upon which time these will expire and automatically are purged by the State. Please note, the retention of prints will result in a notification to Pasco County Schools in the event of an arrest in Florida. 

Guidelines for Criminal Background Screenings

If you have ever been charged for a criminal offense for any reason, you may want to review the list of disqualifying offenses before scheduling your fingerprint appointment. If you were charged and found guilty for any of the charges on the list, you will not be eligible for employment. Please note, that your plea in a case is equally important as the outcome. If you plead “guilty” or “no contest” to any of the charges on the list, regardless of adjudication, it will have the same effect as having been found guilty for employment purposes, and you will not be eligible for employment

Following fingerprinting, applicants may be contacted to submit the following information for review by the District's Professional Review Committee:

  • 1. Submit a signed, detailed letter explaining the nature of the incident, the circumstances surrounding the incident, the disposition of the charges and any rehabilitative efforts that were made in connection with the incident.
  • 2. Contact the Clerk of Courts office in the county where you were arrested and request certified copies of all documents including arrest reports, pleadings, acquittal, sealing or expunging orders, sentencing, conditions and final disposition of charges. If you were placed on probation, you will need to also submit documentation stating that probation is complete and there are no outstanding warrants. When copies of all available documents are received, submit them along with your signed detailed letter to Nailia Coleman, Human Capital Partner, Human Resources, at the address listed below. If you are told that the records are not available due to the length of time elapsed from the arrest date to the present, please ask the agency to state that information on their letterhead for us.

Send Information to:

Nailia Coleman, Human Capital Partner
District School Board of Pasco County
7227 Land O' Lakes Blvd., HREQ
Land O' Lakes, FL 34638

Copies Criminal History Records:

If, upon review of, the applicant or vendor believes information on their criminal history to be incomplete or inaccurate, they may request a copy of their record. Copies will be issued in person with positive identification (drivers' license, passport, etc.) to the individual. We do not release criminal history reports to third parties. Should the individual wish to challenge the accuracy of the report, s/he may contact the agency noted to have contributed the questioned information or the FBI/Criminal Justice Information Services Division at ATTN: SCU, Mod D-2, 1000 Custer Hollow Road, Clarksburg, WV 26306.


Individuals whose Level 2 Background Screening are not approved shall receive written notification of such and will have the ability to challenge the determination within ten (10) business days of the notification. The request to appeal should include any additional information and/or documentation for the committee to consider, such as, arrests reports, pleadings, acquittal, sealing or expunging orders, sentencing, conditions and final disposition of charges/incident.

For Questions, call our offices at:

East Pasco - 352-524-2521
West Pasco - 727-774-2521
Central Pasco - 813-794-2521

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