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SRP-to-Teacher Financial Assistance Program

The District School Board of Pasco County is committed to assisting School Related Personnel (SRP) in achieving their educational goals to become teachers. The SRP to Teacher Financial Assistance Program provides financial support for individuals employed in SRP positions to become certified classroom teachers in Pasco County Schools.

SRP to Teacher Program Requirements

  • Must be employed as an SRP with the District School Board of Pasco County for at least one consecutive year to qualify for the program. 
  • Must obtain principal or director recommendation/approval on application form. 
  • Must be seeking a Bachelor's degree in Education. Degrees include: 
    • Early Childhood Education 
    • Elementary Education 
    • Exceptional Student Education 
    • MG Math or Secondary Math 
    • MG Science or Secondary Science 
    • MG ELA or Secondary ELA 
  • All courses reimbursed must be in the area of education, or documented prerequisites to education courses. Request for Reimbursement must be submitted no later than 30 days after semester end.  
  • Upon completion of degree, a commitment to teach in Pasco County Schools for a minimum of two (2) years is required if/when offered employment. 

SRP to Teacher Program Guidelines

  • A maximum of two (2) courses and/or six (6) credit hours per semester are eligible for financial assistance. 
    • Maximum of 18 credit hours can be reimbursed each fiscal year. 
  • Additional Reimbursement Eligibility 
    • Books are eligible for reimbursement with an itemized receipt and syllabus showing book(s) are required for course.  
  • Financial assistance for tuition is based upon the current state tuition rate.  
    • Current Rates: 
      • Universities with  a four-year degree program: $114.75 per credit hour. 
      • Colleges without a four-year degree program: $91.62 per credit hour. 
  • Financial assistance is contingent upon the availability of District funds. 
  • Requests for assistance are not guaranteed. 

Step One: Apply!

Step Two: Learn!

  • Start taking your courses towards a Bachelor’s degree in Education (in one of the high need areas listed in Program Requirements above) to teach in the classroom. All courses must fall under an education curriculum or be documented as prerequisites to those courses.

For more information on our college and university Education Partner Program, click the button below!

Attending one of the Education Partner colleges/universities is not required.

Step Three: Request!

To request financial assistance at the end of each semester, submit the following documentation within thirty (30) days of course end date. All documentation must show the college/university name and logo or web address.

Step Four: Intern!

To apply for continuation of pay and benefits during your final internship, submit the following documentation at least eight (8) weeks prior to the start of the final internship.

An approved SRP to Teacher Application must already be on file or must be completed and submitted with the Final Internship Application.

  • Completed Final Internship Application.
  • Letter from college/university on school letterhead with dates of internship.
  • Final internship courses are not eligible for financial assistance while utilizing the continuation of pay and health benefits during final internship.

Step Five: Teach!

  • Upon completion of degree, a commitment to teach in Pasco County Schools for a minimum of two (2) years is required if/when offered employment.

For more information on the SRP to Teacher Program, please contact Angela Swygert in the Office for Human Resources and Educator Quality at 813-794-2669 or

SRP to Teacher Program Financial Assistance Request Form
SRP to Teacher Final Internship Application

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