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The Leaves Administration team is here to help you with questions about your extended leave options.  

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

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Beginning October 1, 2015, employees will be allowed to donate sick time to fellow employees that are experiencing a major medical emergency of their own, legal spouse or dependent child. Additional information about this program is available on the Voluntary Sick Leave Donation page.

Effect on Benefits

Pasco County Schools (Board) will continue to pay premiums for your health benefits (employee only), which includes medical, pharmacy, behavioral health and basic core life as long as you remain on an approved FMLA leave. If you currently pay a buy-up premium for your medical plan, you will be required to pay the buy-up premium while on leave.

While on an approved workers’ compensation leave of absence, the District will continue to pay the Board’s portion for your (employee only) group health benefits. Employee Benefits will bill you for any additional premiums due. Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement (union contract) for more information about Board-paid benefits while on an approved workers’ compensation leave.

During an unpaid professional or personal leave of absence, the Board will not continue to pay the Board’s portion of your group health benefits. Benefits will terminate at the end of the month following the effective date of your leave of absence. Please see the COBRA section for more information on continuing your benefits while on an unpaid leave of absence.

For additional information about how your leave of absence will affect your benefits refer to the “Benefits While on Leave” page or click here.
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