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Understanding Your Statement of Eligibility

Understanding MY Florida Statement of Status of Eligibility

Click here to view a pdf with a sample Statement of Eligibility (SOE) letter to use as a guide. Within the pdf, you will find numbered explanations that provide detailed information on each section.


What is the Florida Statement of Status of Eligibility (SOE)?

The Florida Statement of Eligibility is a written evaluation of your eligibility for a Florida teaching certificate.

Who receives one and how?

Anyone interested in teaching in Florida must be eligible for Florida teacher certification. To determine official eligibility, a complete application package must be submitted to the Florida Department of Education (DOE), Bureau of Educator Certification, for evaluation.
Once credentials have been evaluated, an SOE is mailed to the applicant.

What does a complete application package include?

• A completed application form, available online.
• A check, money order, or online credit card payment for each subject area evaluation requested.
• Official transcripts showing conferral of the minimum of a bachelor’s degree, major, grades, GPA, etc.
• Holders of a valid, standard (comparable to Florida’s professional certificate) out-of- state certificate should submit a front and back copy of the out-of-state certificate for consideration for reciprocity with Florida.
• Individuals with foreign credentials must submit an equivalency evaluation report from an approved credential evaluation agency along with certified copies (DO NOT submit originals) of original documents for all coursework and diplomas involved in the evaluation report. For a partial list of approved agencies, go to web address
You will not receive an SOE until your application package is complete. If your application package is considered incomplete, the Bureau of Educator Certification will notify you in writing what is needed to complete your application package. Please note that applications are valid for one year. If the application package is not complete within one year of applying, you will need to reapply with a new application and fee. All fees are nonrefundable.
It is your responsibility to maintain current personal information (address and telephone number) with the Bureau of Educator Certification. You may manage your personal information through their online service.

What is the purpose of a SOE?
An SOE states whether or not you are eligible for a teaching certificate in the subject area you requested. Your SOE also provides you with a customized list of requirements you will need to complete to become eligible for a temporary and/or professional certificate from the State of Florida.

An SOE is valid for three years from the date of issuance. The expiration date is firm and cannot be changed. Revisions to an SOE may occur as the Bureau of Educator Certification receives official documentation from teachers, state offices, or other official entities validating requirements have been met. Revisions to an SOE do not change the expiration date. **The expiration date of the statement is NOT considered the certificate expiration date.

Once you receive your SOE, it is your responsibility to satisfy requirements for certification within prescribed timeframes.  Additional information for meeting NCLB highly-qualified and out-of-field requirements will be provided if necessary from the appropriate office.

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