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Staff in the Spotlight: Amanda Johnson

What is your role in Pasco County?

I have been the Bookkeeper Secretary at Northwest Elementary School for the past three years. Previously, I was an ESE Instructional Assistant for two years.


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Nathan Baker, Cypress Creek Middle/High School

Good morning, Ms. Hetzler-Nettles!

Happy Friday!  I'm sure you are looking forward to the 3-day weekend!

I have written before regarding Mr. Baker; however, he continues to make such a meaningful impact on Nicky, and I wanted to let you know how much we continue to appreciate him and his contributions to the Cypress Creek community.

Aside from the knowledge Mr. Baker shares and the strong qualifications he brings to the table with regard to his content area, he is an inspirational and supportive teacher.  He has continuous conversations with his students regarding their current academic and future career plans and enthusiastically supports their participation in their extra-curricular activities, whether it's showing up at a game to cheer his students on or making a donation to their sports team.

The impact Mr. Baker makes on Nicky on a daily basis is heartwarming and long-lasting. Nicky comes home and continually shares with us the current project he and a team of peers are working on. He looks forward to his class every single day because he understands the real world benefit and truly enjoys the creative thinking required. Additionally, Nicky appreciates the extra care Mr. Baker provides for his students.  He recently met with Nicky and reviewed his course card advising him on which courses to take given his future goals.  He's even researched colleges for him that have strong engineering and lacrosse programs because he knows Nicky would like to play lacrosse in college.

Every student should have the experience of a "Mr. Baker" in their lives.  He is in education for the right reasons; he clearly cares deeply for his students - both their academic well-being and their emotional and social well-being.

I love that Nicky still has two more years with Mr. Baker in the engineering program and will continue the strong relationship he has with him.

You've got a great man on your hands!

Warmest regards,

Kim V.

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