Accountability, Research, and Measurement
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The Office for Accountability, Research, and Measurement provides a variety of planning, data collection, interpretation, analysis, reporting, and presentation services to schools, departments, and public groups. Its primary function is to make available to schools and the community meaningful information about students, school, and program performance to support data-driven decisions. 

Visit this site often for the latest in test score information, accountability system updates and links to other sites.

Gallup 22-23 Survey Results

The 2022 School Gallup Survey Results are now available online in PDF format.

Spring Testing Season

Spring testing season has arrived!  Please ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast before they take an important test. Studies show that lack of sleep can lead to decreased attention, memory, and problem-solving skills. A healthy breakfast will provide your child with the energy and nutrients they need for optimal cognitive function. A breakfast that is high in protein and complex carbohydrates can help improve memory and concentration, while a breakfast high in sugar can lead to a crash in energy levels and decrease focus.

Testing Calendars

Our District testing calendars are linked below.  Please contact your child's school for specific testing dates.

Test Information

To the right, under Student Testing/Parent Information, you will see links for information regarding specific tests that include resources for preparing for each test.

Accessing Your Child's Test Results

To the right can also find directions on how to access your child's test scores via the Pasco Parent Portal/Florida Statewide Assessments Family Portal.

Department Contact 

To reach the Office for Accountability, Research, and Measurement, please call 813-794-2343.