Human Resources and Educator Quality

Teachers Category 1 – Language Arts, Elementary Ed and Reading Teachers

  • Teachers of Language Arts/English, Reading or Elementary Ed

Requirement Options and Application Information

1. Take five district inservice ESOL courses (60 X 5 = 300 hours) and apply to add the ESOL Endorsement to the Florida teaching certificate.

  • ESOL Assessment
  • ESOL Culture
  • ESOL Curriculum
  • ESOL Language and Literacy
  • ESOL Methods

2. Complete any two district ESOL Category 1 courses (60 X 2 = 120 hours), take and pass the Subject Area Exam (SAE) in ESOL, and apply to add the ESOL Coverage to the Florida teaching certificate.

3. Take five designated college courses in ESOL and apply to the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) to add the ESOL Endorsement to the Florida teaching certificate with an official transcript from the college and an application fee.


Teachers Category 2 – Social Studies, Math, Science, Computer Literacy

  • Teachers of these subjects are called “content area” teachers; they must take 60 hours of ESOL training if they teach ELLs.  Course name:  ESOL Essentials Category II.

Teachers Category 3 – “Other teachers”

  • All teachers other than Elementary Ed, Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Computer skills are called “other ESOL” teachers; they must take 18 hours of training.  Course name:  ESOL Content Area Strategies Category III. This category includes pre-kindergarten teachers and literacy coaches.


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