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English for Speakers of Other Languages


The ESOL Program is a collection of services that support Kindergarten through 12th-grade students’ English language development and academic achievement. The program also seeks to promote cultural responsiveness and equitable practices to best serve our English Language Learners (ELL) students.

ESOL services include:

  • ESOL-trained classroom teachers who differentiate instruction according to the student's English proficiency. These teachers participate in special training that addresses appropriate strategies, interventions, accommodations, and cultural sensitivity to increase English language development and proficiency, as well as content understanding.
  • ESOL Bilingual Instructional Assistants who support students and teachers at schools. Bilingual Instructional Assistants are available at schools with 15 or more ESOL students who speak the same language. 
  • Compliance Resource Teachers who identify students eligible for ESOL services, monitor ESOL students who have exited the program, and keep schools in compliance with state and federal laws.
  • ESOL Instructional Trainer Coaches who advise and coach administrators and instructional personnel, ensure schools are in compliance with state and federal laws, support student problem-solving structures, advocate for family engagement, and serve campuses as needed.
  • Curriculum Specialists who oversee Title III Programs, Extended School Day, Extended School Year, Professional Development, English Language Development Courses, and ESOL Endorsement Courses.
  • Equal access to the curriculum and special programs needed by students. Examples of these are Gifted, Advanced Placement (AP courses for college credit), International Baccalaureate (IB four-year program for college credit), Exceptional Student Education (ESE), and many others.


For more information, please contact our ESOL Program Office Staff.

For information about ESOL Endorsement, visit our ESOL Endorsement Information page.

Instructional Personnel and Administrators, please navigate to our SharePoint Resources for additional information and resources.