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Middle School- Co & Extra Curricular Activities

Pasco County Schools believes in the importance of ensuring students have a well rounded educational experience. Extra and co-curricular activities allow students the opportunity to learn, grow, and build confidence in things they enjoy to do. We are proud to have many options for students and encourage you and your student to take part in one of the awesome extra or co-curricular opportunities below.

Pasco County Schools is proud to offer many opportunities for our middle school students to engage in Athletics. Each middle school has an Athletic Director who can assist with what sports are available to your student and what steps need to be completed in order to participate. For more information visit that Athletics webpage.

Students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are encouraged to participate in middle school sports. This is a great time to try a new sport to discover new interests and skills while making friends and being a part of the school community. Each school has their own try-date dates, but families can expect them to be generally around the following time periods: 

August try-outs for 1st quarter sports: football, cheerleading, girls’ volleyball 

October try-outs for 2nd quarter sports: girls’ basketball, and boys’ soccer 

January try-outs for 3rd quarter sports: boys’ basketball and girls’ soccer

March try-outs for 4th quarter sports: Track and Field for girls and boys 

6th graders do not have a GPA requirement during their first semester and are eligible to try-out for 1st and 2nd quarter sports. 7th and 8th graders are eligible to try-out if they have a 2.0 GPA or higher. In semester 2, all students must meet the 2.0 minimum GPA to be eligible to try-out.  

We recommend having your athletic eligibility forms and physical completed at the beginning of the school year so it will be valid through all three sports’ seasons.  

Pasco County values Fine Arts education and the opportunities it provides to students. Each middle school offers Fine Arts courses and programs. In addition, we offer select Fine Arts programs at a number of schools that have received top industry recognitions and are providing a comprehensive Fine Arts education to our students. Students have the opportunity to perform and showcase their work throughout the community. Fine arts students leave with skills that allow them to pursue careers and higher education in the arts. Students learning through creativity enhances their ability to be problem solvers and in-turn increases their performance in core academic classes. Below are helpful links highlighting Pasco County School’s Fine Arts programs.

Course Catalog

Pasco Pathways Catalog

Fine Arts Website

Performing Arts Centers

Career and Technical Education is comprised of programs specializing in career preparation in skilled trades, applied sciences and technology. CTE programs are categorized into 17 career clusters which drive course offerings and curriculum.

Click here to visit CTE website

CTE Course Catalog

Each year, the District School Board of Pasco County hosts the Pasco Science and Engineering Showcase. This science fair event is a deeply enriching experience for every student, regardless of prior experience. Through the scientific research process, students take ownership of their interests, explore pressing issues and problems that our world faces every day, and stretch their creativity in an attempt to design and implement powerful solutions. Several of these young men and women advance to state and national competitions and many ultimately pursue careers in specialized scientific and engineering fields. For more information visit:

Science and Engineering Showcase

National History Day® (NHD) is a nonprofit education program that improves the teaching and learning of history in elementary and secondary schools. For more than forty years, it has promoted systemic educational reform, and remains the nation’s oldest and most highly regarded humanities contest for students in grades 6 to 12. More than two million people are engaged annually, including 600,000 students, 40,000 teachers, and thousands of judges and other volunteers.

Open to students in all instructional settings, NHD improves critical thinking and research skills that make history come alive and that are useful in all subject areas. For teachers, it offers curriculum materials, workshops, summer institutes, and other resources that enhance classroom strategies and help them exceed educational standards. Teachers and students benefit from an annual curriculum guide that explains and complements each year’s theme. For more information visit the link below and reach out to your school administration for details on how to participate.


Pasco County Schools is proud to offer many clubs for students during and after the school day. Each secondary school will offer District Sponsored Clubs for students. Additionally, there may be Non-District Student Groups offered. For more information on what is available at your students school, please visit the school's website.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international program for students in kindergarten through college. Members work in teams and use creative problem solving skills to produce solutions for a variety of problems. Problem solutions range from building working vehicles and inventive structures to live performances, written and acted by teams, which present creative solutions. But what Odyssey of the Mind really means to team members is creative learning, building new skill sets, working as a team and having FUN! Team members each get to showcase their creative flair and unique abilities and build upon everyone’s ideas to enhance their solutions. Odyssey encourages participation and innovative thinking and the team environment gives everyone a chance to have his or her ideas heard.

Gulf Coast Odyssey of the Mind