Leading and Learning
Academic and Social Behavior

In Pasco County Schools, we educate the whole child. Our students learn to think critically and solve complex problems while also becoming compassionate human beings. We ensure that all students have the skills they need to become responsible and contributing members of our community. 

To support students, staff and families Pasco County Schools implements standards, benchmarks and teaching practices that help establish a strong foundation for academic and social behavior in the classroom.  Below you can see the Academic and Social Behavior standards and grade level benchmarks that are used within lesson planning to promote positive interactions and learning environment within the classroom.​

Academic and Social Behavior Standards

Academic and Social Behavior Benchmarks

Parents and families can be a powerful partner in their child’s development of aademic and social behavior competencies like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

Please explore the following links for resources on how you can promote your child's development:

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