Are you interested in working shelter duty if our schools open as emergency shelters, or do you need to confirm or update your shelter duty preferences? 


Click HERE or type into your web browser.

Note: this link is available only on the District network. It will not work if you are at home or otherwise off the District network.

Login Credentials:
User Id - The first part of your Pasco School District email address before
Password - Your Employee Self Service/MUNIS/MyPascoConect password


Shelter work is typically paid at double-time (two times an employee’s hourly rate).  Overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week will also apply for non-exempt employees.  Shelter work can include a wide variety of duties, including but not limited to, registration and intake, dormitory assignments, assisting residents, general clean-up, and animal care. 

We hope to satisfy the majority of staffing needs with employees who respond “yes” to the first question regarding interest in working at a shelter.  For more information regarding specific employee groups, please see below.

Administrators, NNB, and Shelter Managers:  Any administrators and NNB who are not interested in working shelter duty should still complete this form to indicate their preferences, even after responding “No” to the first question.  Per our employment contracts, administrative and NNB staff may be called to serve if needed. Therefore, it’s important for these employees to complete the form, so that HREQ may consider preferences to the extent possible.  Employees who believe they qualify for an ADA accommodation that would excuse them from shelter duty should contact Sandy May in the Office for Employee Relations at x42679 or  Shelter managers (e.g. principals of shelter schools) should also complete this form, as it calls for other pertinent information, such as emergency contact information and family sheltering needs.

SRP, Temporary, and Guest Teacher Staff:  These employee groups are not expected to complete this form, unless they are interested in working shelter duty.  Interested employees are welcome and encouraged to follow the link below to complete the form!