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Instructional Placement Guidelines 

In general, instructional employees will receive credit for each year of full time teaching experience for which they received a satisfactory evaluation and held a valid teaching certificate.
Caps on salary schedule placement
  • Previously retired from Pasco County Schools -  max 7 years
  • Previously retired from ANY OTHER school or school District - max 5 years
  • Other related creditable work experience - max 7 years*
*When a combination of teaching experience and related-creditable work experience is to be considered, related-creditable work experience cannot be used to increase the total beyond seven 7 years of credit.
Please refer to the Instructional Master Contract for official contract language regarding placement on the salary schedule.

Information regarding SRP salary structure 

As of the 2017-18 school year, we eliminated the old salary schedules and implemented one SRP salary structure, consisting of multiple pay grades (or salary ranges) and a placement schedule.  This “range” structure no longer uses steps to define pay rates. New pay grades and credit for previous experience are defined in the SRP Placement Guidelines, and hiring rates are defined on the SRP Placement Schedule.  When referring to the placement schedule, please keep in mind that placement levels do NOT equate to the old steps or represent years of service.


Substitute Pay Rates

Instructional: Guest Teacher Long Term Guest Teacher Professional Guest Teacher
HS Diploma or GED $65.00/day $85.00/day n/a
Bachelor's degree or higher $70.00/day $85.00/day n/a
Retired Teacher $75.00/day $95.00/day n/a
Current Teaching Certificate $75.00/day $95.00/day $160.00/day

Non-Instructional:  $8.25 per hour (new minimum wage effective January 1, 2018)

For more information regarding substitute requirements and how to apply, check out the Guest Teachers and Non-Instructional Substitute sections of our website.