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Best & Brightest Scholarship Information


Last updated: December 2018

The state of Florida created the Best and Brightest Teacher Scholarship Program (F.S. 1012.731) to attract and retain high academic achievers in the teaching profession. This is a State funded program, with the District determining qualified recipients based on requirements defined by the statute.  The District has no flexibility in changing the terms or timeline relative to this program.

*Potential Bonus Amount Eligibility Criteria Application Process
$6,000 per teacher (Primary Scholarship) Based on qualifying SAT/ACT score and classroom teacher evaluation rating of Highly Effective

Application REQUIRED - If you do not apply, you will not be considered for the scholarship.

(Those who received the bonus in a previous year MUST complete an application but will not be required to resubmit ACT/SAT documentation) 

Form: Best & Brightest Application 1819

$1,200 per teacher (Secondary Award) Based on classroom teacher evaluation rating of Highly Effective

Application required for teachers new to Pasco who received an evaluation in 2017-18 from another Florida district

Form: Best & Brightest EVAL Submission Form

$800 per teacher (Secondary Award) Based on classroom teacher evaluation rating of Effective

Application required for teachers new to Pasco who received an evaluation in 2017-18 from another Florida district

Form: Best & Brightest EVAL Submission Form

*Final bonus amounts may be adjusted based on the total number of statewide eligible teachers submitted to the Florida Department of Education.

How to Qualify for Primary Scholarship

1)  You must be a classroom teacher as defined in section 1012.01(2)(a) F.S. or evaluated as a classroom teacher in 2017-18

2) You must have a qualifying ACT or SAT score that is at or above the 80th percentile based on the National Percentile Rank in effect when the assessment was taken.

  • Composite SAT (or both Verbal and Math if no composite score is given) or composite ACT score
  • Note:  Individuals who took the SAT prior to 1973 should use the 1973 percentile information to determine whether they scored at or above the 80th percentile.

3) You must have received a summative evaluation rating of Highly Effective on your 2017-2018 evaluation as a Classroom Teacher.

  • Since final evaluation scores may not be available before the November 1 deadline, teachers who meet the qualifications in (1) and (2) should submit their application before evaluation scores are finalized.
  • First year teachers or teachers who transferred from another state who have not been evaluated do not need to meet this requirement.
  • Teachers who were employed as a Classroom Teacher by another Florida school district or Charter School prior to 2018-2019 must provide official documentation that shows their final evaluation rating as Highly Effective.

4) You must submit all required documentation to the District no later than November 1, 2018.

Required Documentation for Primary Bonus

  • Application: Best & Brightest Application 1819 via Talent Ed
  • SAT/ACT Documentation:
    • Official record of your score - A copy of your official score report or high school/college transcripts that contain your scores may fulfill this requirement.  ACT/SAT scores printed from an online notification system do NOT meet the definition of an official record.
    • Previous recipients do not need to resubmit ACT/SAT documentation. 
  • Evaluation Documentation:
    • Official evaluation document showing a final rating of Highly Effective if you are New to the District in 2018-19 and were a teacher in another Florida county in 2017-18
    • Employees who received a final evaluation from the District do not have to submit evaluation data

How to Apply for Primary Scholarship ($6000)

  1. Verify that your title is eligible for the scholarship on the Eligible Title Listing
  2. Complete the Best & Brightest Application 1819 in TalentEd no later than November 1, 2018.
    • Click here for directions to access the application
    • If accessing TalentEd via myPascoConnect, click on "Admin" in the top right-hand corner and following the directions above.

Note:  Recipients of last year's scholarship who worked for Pasco County Schools will NO LONGER be automatically considered for the scholarship.  ALL TEACHERS must reapply to be considered for this year's scholarship.  However, previous recipients are not required to resubmit ACT/SAT documentation.

Secondary Awards ($1200/$800)

In addition to the primary $6,000 scholarship provision of the Program, current legislature provides for an additional award to all classroom teachers (as defined in section 1012.01(2)(a), F.S), who were evaluated as Effective (E) or Highly Effective (HE) pursuant to s. 1012.34 in the school year immediately preceding the year in which the scholarship will be awarded.

Teachers who received an evaluation from Pasco County Schools in 2017-18 do not need to apply for this award and will automatically be considered, contingent upon evaluation eligibility.

Teachers New to the District who received a HE or E evaluation from another FL school district in 2017-18 may be eligible and should complete the Best and Brightest Eval Submission Form through TalentEd to submit a copy of last year's evaluation for consideration. Non-classroom teacher eligibility will be contingent upon available district funds and bargaining terms.  Application submission is not a guarantee of payment.

Note: If the number of eligible classroom teachers exceeds the total allocation, the per-teacher scholarship amounts may be prorated.

How to Obtain Your Scores

Order archived score reports by calling 866.756.7346 or by completing and mailing the Archived Score Report Order Form.  Please review important information regarding archived score report requests and processing time included on the College Board website.
*Please send scores to yourself.

Replacement score reports can be ordered either by contacting ACT Student Services at 319.337.1270 or by using the 2015‐2016 ACT Additional Score Report (ASR) Request Form at .

Reports for testing that occurred prior to September 2012 have a fee of $34.00 for normal processing and can be requested back to 1966. Please note: The percentile ranks provided on ASRs reflect current year norms, not the norms in effect at the time of testing.

*Please send scores to yourself
For teachers requesting a duplicate ACT score report, ACT has added a drop-down box of individual district numbers so that score reports can be sent directly to the school district upon request. The ACT Code for Pasco County Schools is 8914; however, the District highly recommends you send the scores to yourself to ensure timely processing.  Please note:  ACT scores sent directly to the District are not considered an application and will not be processed without the application.


Email and include “Question” in the subject line
Call 813.794.2316

Important Dates

  • updated: December 3, 2018 - Application deadline for teachers
  • updated: January 7, 2018 - District deadline to submit qualified scholarship recipients
  • updated: March 1, 2019 - Deadline for FL DOE to identify eligible principals and disperse funds to districts
  • April 1, 2019 - Deadline for scholarship payments to qualified teachers and principals

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