General Overview In addition to state certification, the No Child Left Behind Act requires all core subject area teachers to meet the definition of Highly Qualified. Core subject area teachers are defined as all K-12 basic and exceptional student education teachers who are teaching art, drama, elementary education, English, foreign language, journalism, language arts, mathematics, music, reading, science, and social science. Requirements to be Highly Qualified vary based upon the years of teaching experience, teaching level, and subject area.


Highly Qualified Definitions

The definitions of Highly Qualified are outlined in the below charts:

Grades K-5 – Basic Education

Grades K-5 – Exceptional Student Education

Grades 6-12 – Basic Education

Grades 6-12 – Exceptional Student Education


Highly Qualified Verification Forms

Some applicants will need to verify their Highly Qualified status. The below forms are referenced within the above definitions

Verification of Highly Qualified - Subject Area Content Test

Verification of Highly Qualified – Florida District HOUSSE Plan

Verification of Highly Qualified – Out-of-State HOUSSE Plan