Are substitute teachers eligible for the scholarship?  

  • No. Per the proviso language, the teacher must have been evaluated as highly effective per section 1012.34, F.S. Per s. 1012.34, a performance evaluation is not conducted for substitute teachers.

What is the requirement for a first-year teacher who meets the requirement as a classroom teacher? 

  • For a first year teacher, an individual who has not previously taught, eligibility is based solely on ACT or SAT results.

What if the experienced teacher is from out-of-state or from a Florida private school?

  • For experienced teachers who are from out-of-state or a private school and are new to Florida public or charter schools, eligibility is based on meeting the classroom teacher definition and the ACT or SAT requirement since he or she does not have a Florida teacher evaluation.

How will an experienced Florida classroom teacher who was not employed (and not evaluated) in 2016-17, but hired for 2017-2018, meet eligibility requirements?

  • Experienced teachers who were not employed (and not evaluated) in 2016-2017 are not eligible.

What is the definition of an “official” record of the ACT or SAT score?

  • An official record is the original or copy of the original score report from ACT OR the College Board (SAT) or high school/college transcripts that contain the ACT/SAT score(s). ACT/SAT scores printed from an online notification system do NOT meet the definition of an official record.

If my original ACT/SAT score does not meet the percentile qualification, may I retake the test?

  • Yes, you may take/re-take the ACT or SAT in order to earn a scholarship as long as you are able to submit appropriate documentation by the deadline.

Is the scholarship subject to taxes?

  • Yes, all scholarship payments to teachers will have the appropriate employer and employee payroll and income taxes withheld as part of the payment processing. Payments under this program will not be counted towards a teacher’s FRS salary calculations and will be taxed at the appropriate IRS bonus rate.

If I am deemed eligible for the scholarship, but resign to teach in a different FL public school classroom before it is paid, will I still receive funds from the District?

  • If you resign to teach in a different FL public school classroom or FL charter school after the initial application is submitted, the District will forward the funds to you, provided you have completed and submitted the Payment Forwarding Request form to inform PCS of your future employment plans and update your address. If this information is not provided, the funds will be returned to the state, and you will be considered ineligible for the scholarship.

What if I resign and no longer teach in a FL public school or FL charter school classroom?

  • If you are no longer teaching in a FL public or charter school at the time of payment, you will be ineligible for the scholarship.

What is the amount of the scholarship?

  • This year’s scholarship amounts are estimated to be around $6,000 per teacher; however, final amounts may be adjusted based on the total number of eligible teachers submitted to the Florida Department of Education statewide.


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