We appreciate your interest in employment with Pasco County Schools. Our application process requires you to complete the On-line Application and to submit required documentation. Listed below are items needed to complete your file. The District School Board of Pasco County is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities who are seeking employment.

1. Transcripts

Official transcript(s) are needed for each college listed on the application. The credit hours which are above the requirements of the job position being applied for may be eligible for education supplemental pay.

2. References

Note: Prior to completing the this section of your application, please have e-mail addresses of all professional references available. This will help expedite the process. Three (3) professional references are required. One must be from an immediate supervisor at your present or former place of employment. For recent or prospective college graduates, the required supervisory reference may be from a supervising teacher or principal of the school where you served as a student teacher. For experienced teachers, at least one reference must be from your most recent principal or immediate supervisor. For administrative applicants, references must be from persons who evaluated you as an administrator.

  • Electronic References

    To use the electronic referencing, please provide the e-mail address of your professional references. To expedite the process, we suggest that you advise your references beforehand that they will receive a reference form (via e-mail) from the District School Board of Pasco County Human Resources Department to complete and submit. You should also ask your reference(s) to add 'hr@pasco.k12.fl.us' to their e-mail's contact list to avoid our e-mail being received as spam.
  • Hard Copy References

    If you are unable to provide an e-mail address for your professional references please download the reference form. Once the form is completed, the original copy may be mailed to the District School Board of Pasco County to the address provided on the reference form.

3. Certification/Assessments

Complete the ParaPro Assessment. An applicant applying for Instructional Assistant positions must have an associate’s degree, 60 semester hours of college or have passed the ParaPro Assessment (score of 464 or higher). Information for the ParaPro Assessment is available at http://www.ets.org/parapro <<.br /> For more information, please go to: Hillsborough County Public Schools Site

4. Application

Complete the On-line Application and submit the required documentation.

5. Vacancies

When your application has been screened, you will receive an e-mail indicating your status as a recommended candidate. At that time, please check our website for jobs that may interest you, and contact the school or department as indicated.