What is Professional Development Certification?

Professional Development Certification programs provide individuals who already possess a bachelor’s degree, and who qualify for a Temporary Certificate, with professional preparation and experience required for the Florida Professional Certificate.

Does Pasco County have a Professional Development Certification Program?

Pasco County K-12 classroom teachers can obtain their professional preparation through a competency-based program aligned with the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices. The program includes site-based mentoring support as well as on-line support with a flexible timeline for completion.

How do I qualify for PDCP?

In order to qualify for Pasco’s On-Line Professional Development Certification Program, a candidate must:

  • Be a paid full-time instructional employee of Pasco County schools.
  • Hold or be eligible for a three-year temporary teaching certificate from the Florida Department of Education.
  • Hold at least a bachelor’s degree and meet the subject area requirements in a subject for which a professional certificate may be issued.

What is included in Pasco County’s Professional Development Certification Program?

Pasco’s On-LineProfessional Development Certification Program consists of the following components:

  • Induction training offered either before or during the initial weeks of teaching to provide knowledge regarding effective teaching practices.
  • A pre-assessment to determine the learning needs of each participant.
  • An Individual Action Plan designed to meet the individual’s needs and complete program requirements.
  • A support team to coordinate and support the professional development of each participant (site-based mentor, on-line assessor, administrator or district coordinator).
  • A school-based peer mentor to provide face-to-face feedback and assistance throughout the learning experience.
  • An on-line assessor to provide guidance, feedback, and assessment of work products developed to document performance and knowledge.
  • On-line professional preparation resources to provide in-depth, in-time learning of professional education competencies.
  • Summative assessments to provide a standards-based method of determining mastery of the professional education competencies.
  • Professional Education Exam to demonstrate knowledge of educational pedagogy.
  • Workshop to provide knowledge and understanding of teaching reading.

What activities/assessments are included in the Professional Preparation Content?

Each summative assessment is a competency-based task that documents the teacher’s proficiency related to the Florida Educator’s Accomplished Practices. This documentation may be either a product (written narrative, work samples, etc.) or a performance (observation).

What do I need to do if I am interested in finding out more information about Professional Development Certification?

If you are interested in Professional Development Certification and would like more information, contact Sarah Apsey in the Office For Human Resources and Educator Quality at sapsey@pasco.k12.fl.us. Monthly Professional Development Orientations are held at which time all options for receiving a professional certificate will be discussed. These Orientations are for current employees. An application for admission to the district’s program may be completed at that time. You are encouraged to attend an Orientation early in your career so as to explore your options before selecting your next steps. Complete the registration and email it to Sarah Apsey in the Office For Human Resources and Educator Quality as per directions on the bottom of the registration. Effective August 1, 2014 prices for the PDCP program have increased. Visit Florida’s Department of Education’s Professional Development Certification Program web site at www.altcertflorida.org for more information.