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Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the bus stop locations published?
The best and most accurate bus route and stop information can be obtained by contacting the compound your student is assigned to. Their route number indicates the compound they are assigned from: W### = West, N### = Northwest, C### = Central, S### = South, D### = East, Z### = Southeast. Return to Top

When should my student be at the bus stop?
It is important that students are standing at the stop location atleast 5 minutes prior to the pickup time. For safety purposes, students should not be waiting in cars or inside a home as this results in students rushing to get to the bus. Return to Top

How can I get a copy of my bus pass?
Your school can provide you with a copy of an established bus pass. New passes for the closest, safest stop are issued by the Transportation Department. The school can provide you with a contact number for the appropriate compound. Return to Top

My student needs transportation from two different locations (Two bus passes).
Elementary students may be eligible for two passes in cases where they are utilizing a licensed daycare that we service within their school zone. For example; We may pick up a student at their neighborhood bus stop in the morning and deliver them to a qualified daycare in the afternoon. This AM/PM schedule remains consistant for all five days of the week. Secondary students are not eligible for bus pases to two different locations. This is addressed in the Student Code of Conduct under School Bus Rules.  Return to Top

My student left something on the bus! What do I do?
Periodically, students will unintentionally leave items on the school bus. The Operators check their buses at the end of each activity and will collect any items left on the bus for students to pick-up the next day. The school bus communications radio is for official Transportation business and will not be used to contact the school bus Operator regarding items left on the bus. Items of value may be brought into the Bus Compound office. Students or Parents are welcome to pick up these items in person at the appropriate compound. Bus compounds locations can be found hereReturn to Top

I have bus concerns and the bus driver says they can't talk to me at the stop. How do I get help?
As outlined in the School Bus Rules in the Student Code of Conduct, Parent conferences are not permitted while the bus is en route or stopped at a bus stop.  Any conference that the parents wish to have with the bus driver must be scheduled with the school’s administration.Our School Bus Drivers have been instructed to have parents to contact the school to discuss their concern. Drivers are tasked with maintaining the route schedule while picking up or delivering students. We appreciate your understanding.Return to Top

How do I know if I am eligible for school transportation?
Pasco County Schools provides basic school transportation to students with a walking distance of 2 miles or more from their zoned school. Please contact Transportation Services for the definitive answer. Students requiring transportation as a related service associate with a disability is coordinated through the student's IEP team. Return to Top

Am I eligible for transportation if I "choice" into a school?
School Transportation is not provided for students that are attending a school other than their zoned school through the "choice" process. This information can also be found in your school choice paperwork or online hereReturn to Top

Am I eligible for transportation since I am participating in a CTE Program or Academy?
The standard transportation rules apply If the program or academy is at your zoned school. Transportation is not provided if you are having to "choice" into the school to participate in these program. Return to Top

Can my student bring a band instrument onboard?
The School Bus Rules outlined in the  Student Code of Conduct read: Large objects (larger than students can safely hold in their laps), including band instruments, which interfere with seating and safety of others, will not be permitted on the bus without prior permission of the driver. There are a number of factors that may play into this decision. It is best for the student to have a conversation with their driver regarding this before you try and transport the instrument. Sousaphones or other large instruments will not be allowed. Return to Top