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Thank you for your interest in the School Bus Driver position with the District School Board of Pasco County. The following information will help you become familiar with the position and job benefits. Information regarding School Bus Transportation Assistants can be found here. Information on available positions and how to apply can be found at the bottom of this page. Thanks again for your interest.


  • Assigned to a single daily route
  • Guaranteed a minimum of 6 hours daily (most routes are longer)
  • Will work a split shift (example: 6:30 am to 9:45 am and 1:30 pm to 4:45 pm)
  • Contracted to work 189 days per year
  • Not contracted to work between the end of the last school day (May) and the start of the first school day (August).
  • The current work calendar can be found at here
  • Limited summer routes available by seniority
  • Two weeks off for Winter break and one week off for Spring break
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid training
  • Operators eligible to be on a rotation list for extra curricular activity trips
  • Operators eligible for health care and dental benefits beginning on the first day of the month after completing one continuous calendar month of employment. Additional benefit information found at Employee Benefits and Risk Management
  • Starting hourly rate $17.76 per hour


  • Must pass Department of Motor Vehicles license check
    1. No DUI in the last seven years
    2. No more than five points in the last year or ten points within the last three years
    3. No history of chronic safety violations
  • Must be able to pass a security background check
    1. Any and all prior arrest histories must be disclosed, reviewed, and cleared by the District's Professional Review Committee before applying.
  • Must be able to pass:
    1. The Department of Education School Bus Driver's physical
    2. A Pre-employment drug test
    3. A Previous OTETA (drug test) background check
    4. The Department of Education School Bus Driver class administered by Pasco County Schools Transportation Department
    5. All tests required to obtain a Class B commercial driver's license with passenger and school bus endorsements

Procedures for qualifying

Applicants must:

  1. Have a completed and approved application with Human Resources. Available here.
  2. Have a valid Florida Drivers License
  3. Meet requirements of Safe Driver Plan
    • Demonstrates evidence of safe driving practices.
    • No more than 5pts in the last year, 10pts in the last three years, or DUI/DWI/DUBAL in the last seven years.
  4. Have a satisfactory Interview
  5. Have satisfactory Prior Employment References
  6. Have a satisfactory OTETA Background Check

School Bus Driver Class (15 Days)

  1. Successful completion of School Bus Operator Training Course (District pays)
  2. Successful completion of CDL and endorsement testing (Candidate pays @ $70)

Candidate expenses reflect cost as of 8/2015. For more information, contact Transportation's Training and Safety Department at (727) 774-1862, (813) 794-1862, or (352) 524-862. Current employment opportunities are posted here.