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Field Trip Overview

School buses owned by the District School Board of Pasco County are the preferred mode of student transportation for all extra-curricular field trips of an educational nature, athletic events, performances as uniformed units (school bands, cheerleader, etc.) representing the school and/or school district, or other school sponsored activities in which the students are required or expected to participate.

Requests for transportation services for extracurricular trips must be made to Transportation Services fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the trip and must include the date of the trip, number of students participating, destination, times of pickup and return, education purpose, and names of chaperones. The cost incurred by Transportation Services in providing transportation for extracurricular trips shall be reimbursed by the school, department, etc., receiving the service.

Field Trip Instructions and Related Information

Non-School Bus Transportation

  • School buses are the safest form of student transportation and shall be used whenever possible. Specific guidance regarding appropriate student transportation can be found in the Department of Education Technical Assistance Note T07-03.
  • Limousines and 10-15 Passenger Vans are not permitted to be used for student transportation at any time. This is State and Federal rules.
  • Student Transportation by Private Vehicle- Employees must first be approved through the Authority to Transport Students process prior to transporting any student by minivan or their own private vehicle.

Special Programs Transportation

School buses owned by the District School Board of Pasco County may be used to provide transportation of students for approved Special Programs as needed for curriculum requirements, for District, or other school sponsored programs in which the students are required or expected to participate in. The school or department shall reimburse the cost incurred by Transportation Services in providing these services.

Community Based Instruction Trips

Student transportation for approved community based instruction activities are coordinated between the Student Support Programs and Services and Transportation Services. The CBI Planning Form is an MS Excel document designed by the instructional staff to document their activity schedule and transportation needs. The completed form needs to be approved by the principal and sent to Courtney Foulk, Supervisor ( x42442) in Student Support Programs and Services before any transportation arrangements will be made. Do not sent these forms to the Transportation Compounds as it will result in a delay.