Transportation Services
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Welcome Aboard

 Pasco County Schools Transportation Department transports more than 37,000 students to and from school each day for a total of over 8 million miles annually. Transportation Services and maintenance are coordinated through six bus compounds located across Pasco's 868 square miles.

If you are looking for your student’s bus pass information, please click here to access the myStudent parent portal. This link also includes instructions on how to set up a parent portal account.  

Great employment opportunities as a School Bus Driver or Transportation Assistant are posted here.



    Transportation Dates to Remember

  • National Walk & Bike to School Day –   October 6, 2021                                             Learn more here.    


  • National School Bus Safety Week -  October 18-22, 2021  "#Be Safe - Know the Danger Zone" Learn more here



FACT: School buses are the safest mode of transportation for getting children back and forth to school. Students are about 50 times more likely to arrive at school alive if they take the bus than if they drive themselves or ride with friends. Students are much safer riding the bus than being driven by a parent, and are about 20 times more likely to arrive to school alive if they take the bus than if a parent drives them. SOURCE: AMERICAN SCHOOL BUS COUNCIL