Conservation and Recycling Operations
Paper Products



Cardboard, Paper and Newspaper Recycling

The District School Board of Pasco County contracts with GreenFiber to recycle its paper products into insulation that is sold locally at Home Depot and Lowes. Each school has one 8-yard GreenFiber recycling container for the school to recycle their paper products.

What Can Be Recycled?

Brown paper bags, cardboard, cereal boxes, construction paper, gift wrap, magazines, newspaper, paper, and phone books may be placed loosely into the GreenFiber recycling container. All cardboard boxes must be flattened. Plastic windows should be removed from envelopes.

Please do not place organics, glass, metal, plastic bottles, plastic bags, aluminum, string, or foam in the GreenFiber recycling container.

As part of the recycling agreement, all service requests for your GreenFiber recycling container must go through the Conservation and Recycling Operations. A variety of recycling containers and marketing materials can be ordered for free to assist you with your recycling efforts. For specific procedures for recycling paper products, please refer to the Recycling Manual.

Textbook Recycling

All worn and obsolete surplus textbooks should be recycled in accordance with the Handbook for Instructional Material provided by Instructional Media Technology. The bookkeeper at your school has a copy of the handbook for a reference. The used surplus textbooks are picked up at schools by an approved vendor and processed into new products through our recycling vendors. For specific procedures for recycling textbooks, please contact Jennifer Krill in the Office of Teaching and Learning.