Conservation and Recycling Operations
Electricity / Solar Energy



The District School Board of Pasco County (DSBPC) receives electrical service from the following three utilities: Duke Energy, Tampa Electric Company and Withlacoochee Electric Coop. The DSBPC encourages a 5% kilowatt-hour reduction goal each year, which has enabled the District to have one of the lowest energy per square foot costs in the state. Over the past two years, the DSBPC has spent over 10 million dollars annually on electricity.

The near and distant future offers conservation opportunities to teach the value of resource conservation by encouraging students and employees to actively participate in conserving resources and reducing costs.

The challenge of protecting the environment by reducing our use of resources requires daily monitoring, attention and consideration. Let us all work together to acheive better energy management practices. In doing so, we create a comfortable environment for our students and employees, making it conducive to teach, learn, perform and acheive.


Power Outages

In case of a power outage, first verify that the school/department electrical equipment has not malfunctioned. If loss of utility power is determined to be the cause of your outage, contact the following individuals:

  1. The appropriate electric utility: Duke Energy, Tampa Electric Company or Withlacoochee Electric Coop.
  2. Maintenance and Facility Services Electric Department at (727) 774-7913.


Solar Energy

We are harnessing the power of the sun!

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic systems, produce power when exposed to sunlight. A number of components are required to properly conduct, control, convert, distribute, and store the energy produced by the array. The components required may include a DC-AC power inverter, battery bank, system and battery controller, and auxiliary energy sources.

The SunSense Program from Progress Energy has provided solar energy systems at select schools. By supporting this program, the DSBPC is helping future generations learn about the importance of solar energy and sustainability. Systems are already installed at Anclote High School home of the Energy Academy and at James W. Mitchell High School. Both of these systems are also being utilized by Paul R. Smith Middle School and Seven Springs Middle School.

The SunSmart Program is designed and funded by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and is made possible by federal funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). These systems are specific to those schools that have been designated by the state as emergency shelters. FSEC not only provides project management for the installation of the system, but it also develops educational curriculum designed to enhance the knowledge of students and practitioners on the use of alternative energy resources. Systems are being installed at Centennial Middle School, Pineview Elementary School, Raymond B. Stewart Middle School, River Ridge Middle School and Wiregrass Ranch High School.

In addition, Marchman Technical Education Center Center has developed a solar energy learning lab that is used to promote the awareness of solar energy.

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