Conservation and Recycling Operations


To reduce the District's consumption of energy (electric, water, gas) through the analysis and implementation of energy management practices.

Retrofit strategies and activities:

  • Continue efforts to replace existing incandescent lamps with new efficient, fluorescent lamps.
  • Research low energy indoor and outdoor lighting for potential use.
  • Investigate new automatic lighting control systems.
  • Install CO2 sensors in schools as necessary.
  • Continue to replace and upgrade HVAC direct digital control (DDC) contracts at existing schools.
  • Examine opportunities for installing light-emitting diodes (LED) exit sign which have earned the Energy-Star rating label.
  • Assist in design of new schools by implementing day-lighting design (use of natural light) whenever feasible.
  • Switch existing T-12 lighting systems to more efficient T-8 lighting with electronic ballasts.
  • Inquire about the cost benefits of outsourcing performance contracting services to an energy services company (ESCO).
  • Explore water conservation strategies and opportunities.
  • Consider installing energy control devices on vending machines.
  • Inquire about participation in public/private conservation programs which use rebates/incentives.
  • Study the potential of gravity-flow urinals which do not require flushing and do not use water.

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