Conservation and Recycling Operations
Informational Links

National Resources


Glass Recycling: Why it's so important


"How are Plastic Bottles Recycled?"


American Forest and Paper Association


America Recycles Day


Disney Friends for Change


Earth 911


Environmental Education and Training Partnership


EPA educational materials


Exploring the Environment


Garbage Patch


K-4 Modules


Keep America Beautiful


Institute Scrap Recycling Industries


NASA – Classroom of the Future


National Association for PET Container Organization Resources (NAPCOR)


National Park Service






Recycle Electronics Guide


Rustle the Leaf Teaching Resources


The Nature Conservancy


The Teacher’s Site


USDA Forest Information


US Environmental Protection Agency Educational Resources


Water Star


Water Wise



 Florida Resources


Florida Solar Energy Center


Florida Department of Environmental Protection


Florida Department of Education Green Schools Guide


Recycle Florida Today





Pasco Resources


Covanta Energy


Florida Yards and Neighborhoods


Going Green Tampa


Keep Pasco Beautiful


Pasco County Cooperative Extension Services


Pasco County Recycling and Education


Southwest Florida Water Management District



District School Board of Pasco County Resources


DSBPC Environmental Education Programs and Centers


Lake Myrtle Elementary



Student Resources


Department of Environmental Protection


Earth911 Kids


EPA Waste


Fun Recycling Facts


Kid Stuff


Kid’s Recycle


Ollie Recycles


Planet Pals


Plants and Animals


Recycle Rex


Recycled Art


Recycling for Teens


Roscoe’s Recycle Room


Rustle the Leaf


USDA Smokey the Bear


US EPA Explorer’s Club


US EPA Recycle City



Solar Resources

Consumer Affairs


Other Recycling Opportunities


Box Tops for Education


Elmer's Glue Recycling


Labels for Education


Plastic Bottle Cap Recycling AVEDA


Ronald McDonald House Aluminum Can Tab Recycling


Shriners Hospital Aluminum Can Tab Recycling


Soap / Shampoo Recycling


TerraCycle - Drink Pouch, Potato Chip, Candy Wrapper Recycling and more


Wine Cork Recycling at Whole Foods

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