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July - National Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation Month began in 2006 by the Irrigation Association to bring attention to efficient watering practices, technology advanced irrigation products and water conservation. The month of July was designated because it is a peak month for irrigatio


Landscape irrigation is considered one of the biggest culprits of wasting water—more than 50 percent of a household’s water goes to maintaining landscapes and lawns—so it’s time to raise your awareness of doing more with less. In fact, overwatering can sometimes have detrimental effects on turf and ornamentals by promoting disease and weak root zones in turf grass.

Here are a few steps you can take to reduce the amount of water you use:

  • Conduct an irrigation audit of your landscapes to be sure that the plants are not being overwatered.
  • Install “smart” irrigation controllers such as rain sensors which monitor site conditions.
  • Divide the landscape into water-use zones so you can vary the amount of irrigation in each zone.
  • Irrigate late in the afternoon, evening or before sunrise to save water from evaporating before reaching plants or turf.
  • Adjust watering schedules every season to account for changing needs.
  • Remember just because you may have a watering variance you should still only water when it is necessary.

September - Coastal Clean-Up

The Pasco County Utilities department sponsors a Coastal Clean-Up the third Saturday in September. This is a day that caring volunteers from throughout Pasco County work together to clean up local parks and coastal areas. This community event brings awareness to keeping our county clean and litter free. For more information, contact the Pasco County Recycling Coordinator at (727) 847-8041 at extension 8659.

October - Energy Awareness

October is recognized as Energy Awareness Month. The District School Board of Pasco County has established a goal to minimize waste and reduce the school district's energy consumption by 5% annually. During the month of October, employees and students should heighten their efforts to reduce energy use by following these simple energy saving tips.

January - Arbor Day

Can you imagine a world without trees? Think for a minute what would be missing from your school without trees: shade, beauty, homes and food for birds and other animals. Trees provide other things as well: they help prevent erosion, absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen, and provide lumber and paper. The National Arbor Day Foundation is a great place to learn more about Arbor Day.

In celebration of Arbor Day, select schools plant trees, spruce up butterfly gardens, or participate in outdoor projects. Conservation and Recycling Operations sponsors an Arbor Day celebration at one school each January. The goal is to bring awareness to employees, students and the community of the importance of trees in our environment.

During the celebration, a local dignitary reads a resolution recognizing Arbor Day, students make posters, recite poems, or sing songs. The Pasco County Forester work together with students at the school to plant trees that have been generously donated by McMullen Wholesale Nursery and Pine Lake Nursery. Our District has certainly done its part in conserving natural resources, which has preserved numerous trees.

April - Earth Day

An annual Earth Day Celebration is co-sponsored by Covanta Energy and Pasco County Parks and Recreation. This fun event takes place on the last Saturday in April from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Crews Lake Park in Shady Hills. Click on the Earth Day link on the right-side of this page for this year's Earth Day flyer.

The events offers environmental awareness activities, live animal shows, student performances, native plants for sale, a lady bug fly away, fun activities for kids, and much more. For more information, contact Covanta Energy at (727) 856-2917.

April - Great American Clean-Up

Keep America Beautiful sponsors the Great American Clean-Up, the nation's largest community improvement program which takes place annually from March 1 through May 31. Keep Pasco Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, sponsors a Great American Clean-Up the third Saturday in April.

On this day, caring volunteers from throughout Pasco County work together to clean up local roadways, parks, and other areas. This great event brings awareness to keeping our county clean and litter free. For more information, contact the Pasco County Recycling Coordinator at (727) 847-8041 at extension 8659.

April - Water Conservation Month

April is recognized as Water Conservation Month. Over the past several years, the Energy Management Committee has had a concern with increased water consumption and the growing utility cost of poor water management habits. As with the energy program, there are many opportunities to reduce waste and curtail our rapidly growing reliance on precious, limited ground water supplies. Without question, as water demands in Pasco County continue to increase, prices for fresh water will continue to climb; and most likely, the larger the consumption, the higher the per-gallon rate paid by consumers.

Employees and students should heighten their efforts to reduce water use by following these simple water saving tips. Visit the Southwest Florida Water Management District website: for great resources to assist you with water conservation.

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