Conservation and Recycling Operations
Natural Gas / Liquid Propane



Processing of Liquid Propane (LP) Invoices


Liquid propane in available in small portable tanks. It is used for custodial equipment or grills. Small LP tank charges are paid by the cost center. Select schools have large LP tanks. These are heavy duty tanks that are not portable and must be filled on site by an approved vendor.


The following procedure should be followed for processing large LP tank invoices:


1. There should be a service ticket that is given to the school with every LP delivery.

2. The delivery service ticket should be sent to Conservation and Recycling Operations to the attention of the Energy Coordinator.

3. The Energy Coordinator will hold the delivery ticket, “match-it” to the corresponding invoice when it is received, and process the invoice for payment by Accounts Payable.

4. All service providers have been notified to send invoices directly to Conservation and Recycling Operations. If your cost center receives an invoice for large LP tank services, please do not pay it. Instead, forward the invoice to Conservation and Recycling Operations as listed above.


Processing the large LP tank invoices through Conservation and Recycling Operations provides the District with a central source where invoices/usage can be monitored, tracked, and verified for accuracy. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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