Conservation and Recycling Operations
Energy Management Committee


Thank you members for your valuable contributions to the Energy Management Committee!


School Board Member - Steve Luikart


Elementary School Principal - Kara McComeskey, GHES


Middle School Principal - Jason Joens, RRMS (Chair, Education Sub-Committee)


High School Principal - Jim Michaels, RRHS


Construction Services and Code Complaince - Emil Dacanay


Teacher Representative - Donna Hoague-Koljeski


School-Related Personnel - TBA


United School Employees of Pasco - Ed Ronda


Student Population - TBA


Food, Nutrition, and Distribution Services - Rick Kurtz (Chair, Retrofit Sub-Committee)


Transportation - Tad Kledzik


Purchasing - Mike Woodall


Supervisor of Athletics - TBA


Maintenance and Facility Services - Mark Fox, Eddie Flicker (Chair, Waste Reduction Sub-Committee)


PLACE - Karla Graziano


Information Services - Chris Jackson (Chair, Monitoring and Reporting Sub-Committee)


Conservation and Recycling Operations - Karen Bryant, John Soler, CEM (Chair, EM Committee)




Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and communicate program procedures related to energy management and energy conservation.
  • Inform the school community of the economic significance and importance of an effective energy/utility management program.
  • Provide an open forum to mutually discuss and resolve new and/or ongoing energy-related concerns.
  • Distribute school-based consumption reports focusing on the success of energy efforts and the incentive program.
  • Assist in prioritizing capital-funded conservation programs.
  • Meet on a quarterly basis, or as requested by the Chair.
  • Solicit committee suggestions and facilitate implementation for better efficiency.
  • Support interdepartmental partnerships considered critical for program success.
  • Focus on creating cost savings efforts and mitigating future operating cost risks.
  • Assist individuals/schools in improving skills and techniques in energy management through education, research, and the exchange of ideas and technical knowledge related to energy.
  • Produce and present an annual Energy Management Program for Board adoption.

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