The Transportation Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of the District's motor vehicles, lawn care equipment, and mechanical equipment. Once a piece of equipment has been declared surplus by the District School Board, it is available to be sold at auction or to be disposed of by another approved method. Please review the information provided on this page if you are interested in the purchase of the District's surplus equipment.

Surplus School Buses & Equipment

Pasco school buses are highly sought after, given the intense maintenance schedule and quality workmanship given the District's fleet. The District utilizes to conduct online auctions of surplus vehicles and equipment such as tractors, golf carts, construction equipment, and miscellaneous equipment attachments.

GovDeals Information

Bidder registration is free and can be accessed here. Please be advised, vehicles will be titled as entered in your GovDeals account. Please be sure to complete the "Title to:" information. Titles will otherwise be made out to the individual.
Current items being sold at auction by the District can be viewed here.