A successful conservation awareness program requires a multi-faceted approach. Administrators should designate one or more Conservation Liaisons for their school. The school administrator, Conservation Liaisons, and Plant Managers are encouraged to work together to establish the school’s conservation program goals. The names of your Conservation Liaisons should be forwarded to Conservation and Recycling Operations at the beginning of the school year and as changes are made throughout the year.

Conservation Liaisons should review this website to learn more about conservation. These individuals will be educating students and employees on recycling, energy conservation, water conservation and many other environmental topics throughout the school year. They should be positive, optimistic and enthusiastic role models.

As your school conservation program takes shape, be sure to leave plenty of room for student involvement. An active Earth Patrol or other environmental student group will be an asset to your conservation program. Students are creative and imaginative; their ideas and energy can fuel the school’s conservation program!

The Conservation and Recycling Operations staff will communicate updates throughout the year to the school’s Conservation Liaisons. Conservation Liaison should assist the school in ordering marketing materials, supplies, managing the Earth Patrol and playing an active role in conservation activities at the school. Thank you for your ongoing support!