To assist schools and departments with the implementation of the District's Energy Program by monitoring utility consumption patterns and trends, and reporting on effective cost reduction measures.

Assisting, Monitoring and Reporting Actions:

  • Establish an electric consumption (kWh/SF) baseline for comparison for future conservation incentive awards.
  • Review electric, water/sewer/irrigation, natural gas, and solid waste invoices and enter consumption/cost data into METRIX utility accounting software system.
  • Assist Maintenance Department in identifying metered services which may be duplicate and/or defective. Also, identify meters which no longer may be required.
  • Include summary of utility data on energy reports sent to district cost centers and schools.
  • Track and monitor changes in school use; track changes in net square footage and correlate to changes in energy usage.
  • Maintain cost and usage data on electric accounts as well as all water, sewer, irrigation, solid waste and natural gas accounts.
  • Monitor Energy Management Systems at school sites to ensure systems are performing as designed and at optimum efficiency.
  • Report energy strategies and consumption-reduction successes to other school boards and public organizations.