Welcome to the Risk Management page for Pasco County Schools.  Risk Management strives to provide a safe environment for our students, employees, parents, citizens and taxpayers.  Risk Management’s goal is to protect Pasco County Schools against accidental financial loss by taking steps to develop, manage and secure our most valuable assets in accordance with statutes, ordinances, and laws.  Risk Management administers the following programs for Pasco County Schools. For more information, please login to Share Point by clicking here

  • General Liability Loss Control
    • Property 
    • Auto 
    • Employee Damaged/Lost Electronic Device
    • Comprehensive Accident
    • Student Injury/Incident
  • Voluntary Student Accident Insurance
  • School Sports Student Athletic Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Request for Certificate of Coverage (Proof of Insurance)

Risk Management Contacts for Pasco County Schools

Renee Daugherty
Risk Manager
Phone: (813) 794-2345
             (727) 774-2345
             (352) 524-2345

Marta Uribe
Claims Specialist

Phone: (813) 794-2084
             (727) 774-2084
             (352) 524-2084

Aaron Rinaldi
Claims Representative

Phone: (813) 794-2520
             (727) 774-2520
             (352) 524-2084

Risk Management Fax
             (813) 794-2039
             (727) 774-2039
             (352) 524-2039