Reemployment after Retirement

All new employees are required to confirm their retirement status under the Florida Retirement System before starting employment with the District. If you are initially reemployed on or after July 1, 2010, you will not be permitted to participate in a State of Florida administered retirement plan to earn an additional (second) retirement benefit.

Pension or DROP Members:

After you retire under the normal or early retirement provisions of the FRS Pension Plan or any other existing or state-administered retirement system, you may work for a private employer, a Florida public employer not covered by the FRS, or a public employer in another state or covered by another state’s retirement system, without affecting your retirement benefit. However, there are certain reemployment limitations that affect your retirement benefit if you are employed with FRS participating employers during the first 12 calendar months after your effective retirement or DROP termination date. For the first 12 calendar months, you cannot earn a salary from any FRS participating employer in the same month you receive retirement benefits from the FRS unless you qualify for an exception (retired before July 1, 2010). This reemployment restriction applies even if the particular position you hold is not covered by the FRS for membership purposes. For additional information, refer to FRS' "After You Retire" brochure or call FRS Bureau of Calculations at (888) 738-2252.

Investment Plan:

If you are an Investment Plan member who has terminated FRS-covered employment and taken a distribution of any kind (lump sum, rollover, annuity, etc.), you are considered a retiree. Returning to work during the first 12 calendar months after taking a distribution may require you to pay back your distribution or impact your ability to receive additional distributions from your Investment Plan account (if any balance is remaining). For additional information, refer to FRS' "Working after Retirement" brochure or call FRS Financial Guidance Line at (866) 446-9377.

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