Student Support Programs and Services
Back to School/New To Pasco Guide

Want to know what school you’re zoned for? Visit the School Boundaries page.

IMPORTANT! Beat the back to school rush!

General Links:

Step 1: Register!

Check with your school for registration days/hours.

Please read our Registration Requirements carefully, as some of the content has changed:


Step 2: Prepare for Day 1

Once registered, you may find it useful to review the following links for additional information relevant to your child’s return to class. Before going back-to-school shopping, please remember to call your school or check its web site for supply and wish lists.

Step 3: Stay Involved!

It might sound obvious, but parental involvement during the school year is essential to student success. There are numerous programs and services offered both by the district and third parties designed to help you maximize your involvement in your child’s education. Please review the following links for more information, or call the Office for Student Support Programs and Services. We are always available to help you. Remember, quality education requires a community commitment.