Student Support Programs and Services
ABC Program


The purpose of this program is to match community individuals and groups with needy children in order to provide basic essentials, thus enhancing the possibility for the children's success in school.


There are children in Pasco County who attend school without adequate clothing, wear shoes that do not fit, and eat only the food served to them during the school day. Traditionally school personnel have attempted to meet the needs of individual students through donations and referrals to county agencies. Our goal is to assist, believe and care for the 10,000 students living in poverty. Many live in homes with no electricity, running water, or adequate plumbing. Some have working parents who are struggling with the high costs of raising a family. The cost for the average family on welfare in Pasco County is over $7,000 annually. The costs of remedial and corrective programs are more expensive than early intervention. Through the ABC program some of our children's basic needs may be met, thus enabling them to have a more successful school experience and a brighter future.


This program is voluntary for both school and community members. Sponsor application forms may be obtained by calling any school or the District Student Services Office. Although the overall structure of the program will be consistent, individual schools may personalize it to meet their own needs. For more specific information contact your local school.

Contact Information

Supervisor: Michelle Hudson

Secretary: Wanda Tyus

Phone: (813) 794-2442

Fax: (813) 794-2117