Active Parenting Online Video Library

Active Parenting Online Video Library (OVL) is a unique online library of 72 award winning, high quality parenting videos for all ages and stages of childhood. Parents can watch these videos any time, anywhere. All they need is an Internet connection—and an access code.  With the OVL, parents will be able to learn more about the most important job in the world: being a parent!  Here's how to start your free tour of the Active Parenting Now Online Video Library:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the password pcc091516    (Passwords are case sensitive.)
  3. Select the specific video you would like to watch by clicking on it. There may be multiple pages of videos available so be sure to explore all the options.  Expires September 15, 2016

Active Parenting Classes

Active Parenting is a positive parenting program designed by Dr, Michael H. Popkin, a psychologist whose focus is helping families in today’s uncertain and dangerous world.  Active Parenting teaches parents everything they need to know about instilling confidence in their children, nonviolent discipline techniques, and encouraging mutual  respect.  The program offers a variety of tools to help raise happy, healthy, and successful children.

Active Parenting courses are designed to target parents raising children of specific age groups.  The Parents 1,2,3,4 program is a 3 week course focusing on parents raising children ages 1-4.  The Active Parenting Now program is taught in either a 3 or 6- week format, and focuses on parents raising children ages 5-12.  The Active Parenting for Teens program is a 6-week course and targets parents of children ages 12-18.  Each course will provide parents with strategies and techniques that will improve communication, teach responsibility, cope with difficult topics, and stimulate independence.

Active Parenting isn’t just for parents.  Guardians, grandparents, childcare providers and teachers will also find the information taught by the Active Parenting programs very informative and instructional.

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