Student Support Programs and Services
Student Services Division

"Students come to school with more than just books in their backpack." - Author unknown



The Student Services Division of Student Support Programs and Services (SSPS) provides coordinated school counseling, health, psychological, social work and graduation enhancement services to support college, career, and life readiness for all students.  We are dedicated to providing physical and mental health services in multi-disciplinary teams to support the academic and social-emotional needs of all students.


Our Collective Committments:

  • Commitment to physical and emotional safety and security of students, staff, and families.

  • Promotion of and support for student engagement so that all students are prepared for and successful in college, career, and life.

  • Emphasis on data-informed decisions through a comprehensive problem-solving process.

  • Create a system of care that is responsive to the needs of our school communities.




Student Services Division Contacts:


Welch, Jeannine - Assistant Director eMail: • Phone: 4-2843

Area of Responsibility: Student Support Initiatives


Hudson, Michelle - Supervisor eMail: • Phone: 4-2442

Area of Responsibility: School Social Work Services


Betegh-Edelmann, Nicole - Compliance Specialist eMail: • Phone: 4- 2361

Area of Responsibility: Section 504 & School Counseling Program Supports


Kern, Lisa - Supervisor eMail: • Phone: 4-2360

Area of Responsibility: School Health Services


Medina, Amanda - Mental Heatlh Liaison eMail: Phone: 4-2056

Area of Responsibility: Baker Act Re-entry and Mental Health Supports


Haberle, Susanna - Program Coordinator eMail: • Phone: 4-2361

Area of Responsibility: PBIS


Chasin, Jonathan - Supervisor eMail: • Phone: 4-2361

Area of Responsibility: School Psychology Services


Suarez, Ramon - Supervisor eMail: • Phone: 4-2709

Area of Responsibility: Graduation Enhancement & DJJ Programs


Young, Lynn - Program Coordinator eMail: • Phone: 4-2361

Area of Responsibility: School Counseling Services