Kurt S. Browning, Superintendent of Schools
2023 - 2024
Kurt S. Browning, Superintendent of Schools
2023 - 2024

Superintendent's Message


Freedom Week 2023

Florida Statutes designates the month of September as American Founders’ Month and recognizes...

September is Workforce Development Month

Workforce Development Month is a time to celebrate the progress…

Early Release Days for the ‘23 - ‘24 School Year

Pasco County Schools is utilizing a monthly, two-hour-early release time again this year to allow for staff to engage...

Educator Passport Program

Check out the latest Educator Passport Program offers!

Pasco County Schools employees can save money on products, services, dining and entertainment, health and fitness, and much more! Visit our offers page for more information.


USF Wants to Participate at Your School’s GATI

USF faculty and staff are excited to speak with your students...

LEAD Course Registration Open

Maximize your leadership potential by enhancing your skills, knowledge, and experiences...



myDevelopment Opportunities

Pasco County Schools Office of Leading and Learning's goal is to empower all staff to grow, create, and contribute to an educational learning organization that is dedicated to the community in which we work and the students and families that we serve... 

New Appointments

Personnel Appointments from 8/22/23 Board Meeting

New and notable personnel appointments from the most recent school board meeting...