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The budgetary accounts of the District are grouped into funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and standards prescribed by the Florida Department of Education. The Financial and Program Cost Accounting and Reporting for Florida Schools manual has established a modified accrual basis of accounting as the standard for governmental fund budgeting and reporting. All Florida school districts must adhere to this basis.

The budget document contains budget information for each of the funds or fund groups of the District for which a budget must be adopted. Budgetary control is maintained at the function/object level. Each principal or department director is responsible for their respective budget. No expenditures are authorized that are in excess of budgetary appropriations. As with any projection, however, changes to appropriations are necessary in order to meet critical needs as they are identified. Therefore, budget amendments are prepared on a monthly basis and submitted to the School Board for approval. This provides the best use of limited resources.


Comparison of Budget – All FundsGENERAL FUNDResources to Support OperationsState SupportFlorida Education Finance Program FundingState Categorical ProgramsLocal SupportFederal SourcesHow Funds Are Distributed Per StudentDistrict School Board of Pasco County 2019-2020 Financial Information ** (Final Calculation)Teacher/Teacher Assistant Salaries:Teacher/Teacher Assistant Benefits:Classroom Materials, Supplies and Purchased Services:Substitute Teachers:General Fund Capital Expenditures:School Indirect Costs:Transportation:District Indirect Costs:DEBT SERVICE FUNDSCAPITAL PROJECTS FUNDSEstimated RevenuesCapital AppropriationsSPECIAL REVENUE FUNDSINTERNAL SERVICE FUNDSTRUST & AGENCY FUNDSENTERPRISE FUND