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Estimated Revenues

Revenue and other financing sources for these funds are comprised of Impact fees and Capital Improvement Ad Valorem Tax Levy. On March 9, 2004, a referendum election, “Sales Tax Referendum,” was held to determine whether the County could levy a one (1) cent infrastructure sales surtax within the County. A majority of the voters of Pasco County voting in the Sales Tax Referendum approved the levy of the sales surtax. The sales surtax proceeds will be distributed to the District, the County and the municipalities, with the District receiving 45%. Its purpose is to build new schools and to renovate existing facilities. The District established the Penny for Pasco Oversight Committee to help monitor the needs and allocation of funding. Imposition of the surtax commenced January 1, 2005 and expired December 31, 2014. On November 6, 2012, voters signaled their approval for the continuation of the tax for another 10 years, beginning in January 2015. The projected revenue from “Penny for Pasco” is expected to generate approximately $293.5 million that will be used to provide much needed repairs and renovations to aging schools. It will also be used to improve energy efficiency in schools and to retrofit and equip older schools built before 1975 with the technology students need to succeed in the 21st century. In calendar year 2020, “Penny for Pasco” generated over $33.6 million in revenue and is on target to exceed $37 million in calendar year 2021.

Projected revenues by source are described below:

Projected Revenues


Local Capital Improvement

$ 56,463,212

Impact Fees


Sales Tax Proceeds


Capital Lease Agreements


Transfers from Other Sources or Funds


Other Miscellaneous Local Sources


Charter School Capital Outlay Funding


Interest on Investment


Capital Outlay & Debt Service Distributed



$        149,495,127