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Florida Education Finance Program Funding

The Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) provides the funding for General Fund expenditures. The funding formula requires a combination of state and local funds to fund education. For 2021-2022, FEFP funds provided to Pasco County comprise a total of $608,305,803. Of that amount, the state is providing $446,068,175 and local property taxes are providing


The State of Florida’s basic student allocation increased from $4,319.49 to $4,372.91, an increase of $53.42 from the amount that was funded during 2020-2021. The State applies a cost of living adjustment (District Cost Differential or DCD) to the basic student allocation. Pasco’s DCD is .9837. Therefore, Pasco will receive $4,301.63 per basic student allocation.

Included in the FEFP formula are allocations for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) totaling $31,299,747 Supplemental Reading totaling $3,402,971 and Supplemental Academic Instruction totaling $21,183,699.

The ESE guaranteed allocation will be used for educational programs and services for exceptional students. The Supplemental Reading Allocation will be used to improve reading throughout the District. The Supplemental Academic Instruction allocation will be used to provide supplemental instruction, reading instruction, after-school instruction, tutoring, mentoring and for the extended school year program.

The Teacher Salary Increase allocation continues to be funded in the FEFP formula as a categorical in 2021-2022 with an allocation total of $14,885,046. House Bill 641 directs funds to increase teacher salaries as follows; 80% of each district’s allocation must be spent to increase the minimum base salary for full-time classroom teachers to $47,500 or the maximum amount achievable based on the district’s allocation of funds. Additionally, 20% of each district’s allocation must be spent to increase the salary of full-time classroom teachers funded through the FEFP who received an increase less than 2% as a result of the allocation and other full-time instructional personnel who are not eligible for increases through the 80% allocation. The District School Board of Pasco County increased the base salary for full-time teachers to $44,820 in 2020- 2021 and continues to strive to reach the minimum of $47,500, or the maximum amount achievable based on the 2021-2022 allocation of funds.