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The 2023 Pasco Pathways Expos

Pasco Pathways Expo (@Sunlake High School) - November 14, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Pasco Pathways Expo (@Cypress Creek High School) - November 16, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Did you miss the Pasco Pathways Expos listed above, or would you like to learn more about our innovative programs and magnet schools? Click here to see the school's presentations.

Pasco County Schools structures its magnet options into the categories below. The abbreviation is listed next to each school below to ensure it is clear which structure their magnet theme falls within. The 2023-2024 Pasco County Magnet Address Search  is also available to identify your options for magnet schools and programs within schools available to you. 

Here is the link for 2024-2025 Pasco County Schools Magnet Address Search

Dedicated Magnet School (DMGS) - a school site that implements a magnet theme or themes across all grades and does not have a defined attendance boundary, but may have a preference area.  All students who wish to attend the school must apply for and be accepted in the school through the Student Application lottery process.  All students enrolled in a magnet school must participate in the magnet program(s) theme.  The district, through the magnet boundary review process, shall determine whether a magnet school will or will not have a preference area.  

Magnet Schools (MGS) - a school site where the magnet theme is implemented school-wide. All students attending the school participate in the thematic learning components of the program.  Students who live outside of the attendance boundary must complete an application and a lottery system is used to determine which student applicants will attend the school. 

Magnet Program (MGP) - a school site where the magnet theme is implemented within the school, but not all students participate. Students apply to the program and are accepted based on a lottery system.   Some magnet programs may have established criteria for entry.  

Cambridge International Schools

Hudson Primary Academy -  (MGS) 

San Antonio Elementary - (MGS) 

Sunray Elementary School - (MGS)

Gulf Trace Elementary School - (MGS)

Hudson Academy -  (MGP) 

Pasco Middle School (MGP) 

Paul R Smith Middle School (MGP) 

Anclote High School (MGP) 

Hudson High School -  (MGP) 

Pasco High School (MGP) 

Career and Technical Education

Fivay High School - Fire Science Academy (MGP)

Sunlake High School - Aviation Academy (MGP)

Early College Programs

Fivay High School (MGP)

Zephyrhills High School (MGP)

International Baccalaureate World Schools

Pine View Elementary School (MGS) 

Richey Elementary School - Candidate School (MGS)

Pine View Middle School (MGS) 

Gulf Middle School - Candidate School (MGS) 

Gulf High School (MGP) 

Land O’ Lakes High School (MGP) 

K-8 Magnet School 

Starkey Ranch K-8 (MGS) - Magnet themes include Computer Science, Technical Fine Arts & World Language

Kirkland Ranch K-8 (DMGS) - Opening August 2024


Angeline Academy of Innovation (DGMS)

Bayonet Point Middle School- STEM (MGS) 

Centennial Elementary School - (DMGS)

Centennial Middle School- STEM (MGS) 

James M. Marlowe Elementary School - (DMGS)

Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation - (DGMS) 

Sanders Memorial Elementary School - STEAM (DMGS) 

Wendell Krinn Technical High School (DMGS) 

To learn more about the magnet models available in Pasco County Schools, please review the 2023-2024 Magnet Plan. For information on specific programs or for questions regarding transporation please vist the Pasco Pathways School Choice Catalog.

Due to popularity and high demand, there are a limited number of seats at each school. 

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