Early Childhood Programs
Required Documents

Interviews for the 2021-2022 school year will begin after February 1, 2021 through May 2021


For the 2021-2022 school year will your child will be 4 years of age on or before 9/1/2021?

If yes, then in addition to having an interview with us, please click here and follow the directions for completing the online VPK application through the Early Learning Coalition.

Head Start staff can also assist you with this process during the interview process.


Be prepared for when we contact you for your Interview by gathering the required documents below that pertain to your family!

Our staff may be able to assist you if you are having difficulties obtaining any of the documents below.

The following documents in each category below are requested to support the application:

1) Proof of age for all applicants (Certified birth certificate (preferred), hospital birth record or current immunization record). 


2) Proof of Guardianship/Kinship (If your name is not on the Child’s Birth Certificate).


3) Proof of address in Pasco County (Choose one)

  • Government-issued document (Florida ID/ Driver’s license, property tax assessment showing homestead exemption)
  • Residential rental agreement or receipt from rental payment with address and name of parent
  • Paystub within the last 12 months
  • Utility bill within the last 12 months (electric, gas, cable, water, or landline phone)
  • Military order showing that the child’s parent is a service member in the United States Armed Forces and is assigned to duty in FL while the child attends the VPK program
  • If none of the supporting documents listed above are available, a coalition may accept an affidavit that child’s parent swore to or affirmed with a letter from a landlord or property owner that confirms that the child resides at the address shown on the affidavit.
  • If none of the supporting documents listed above are available for a homeless child as s.1003.01, F.S., defines, a coalition shall document residency based on other supporting documents showing that the child is homeless and resides in FL (e.g., letter from a homeless shelter or affidavit the child’s parent swears to or affirms).


4) Proof of income: Documentation of household income for the last 12 months by providing any of the following forms of income that applies or has applied to your family in the last 12 months, even if you are currently not working:

  • 1040 Tax form; 1099; 1098; all W2’s (Preferred proof of income)
  • Check stubs (4-8 weeks' worth within the last 12 months; please do not provide current pay stubs unless the working parent just started employment)
  • If paid cash: Statement from employer on letterhead that includes date of hire, current pay rate and number of work hours per week
  • Current benefits award letter (or within the last 12 months) for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Benefits (SSD) (retirement, disability, survivors, etc.)
  • TANF (Temporary Cash Assistance) benefits letter or computer printout from the Department of Children & Families
  • Relative/Non-Relative Caregiver allowance/Kinship Care (Cash Assistance) benefits letter or computer printout from the Department of Children & Families
  • Child Support Documentation for each child in the home, if applicable
  • Unemployment Compensation (Last paystub from previous employer and unemployment wage transcript or 3 unemployment stubs)


5) Additional documents if applicable:

  • Current proof of WIC (trifold appointment card) and/or Documentation that the applicant has a chronic health condition such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease or sickle cell disease, weight concerns, significant dental needs, or iron deficiency.
  • Documentation of any disability (Signed IEP or Signed IFSP) diagnosed or concerns for applying child(ren)
  • If a pregnant woman is applying for services, then she is to provide documentation of pregnancy (With due date)