November 20, 2015

November 20, 2015

November 20, 2015

November 20, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours, I hope you have a safe, Happy Thanksgiving. As you prepare for Thanksgiving break, please remember the importance of completely shutting down all facilities during the entire break period.  Our budget includes projected savings that will come from non-use during this break.  In support of our conservation efforts, please turn off or unplug all non-essential office equipment such as printers, copiers, computers and monitors.  Please also unplug small appliances, like coffee pots, microwaves, etc.  These little steps really do add up to substantial savings. If you have voice mail, please record it to reflect that your office is closed for the Thanksgiving Break, stating the to and from dates and when you’ll return. We’d also like to remind staff to remove any personal food items from the shared refrigerators.  Any leftovers will be tossed. We hope that you enjoy a well-deserved period of rest and relaxation over the break!


New Board Leadership

Congratulations to Joanne Hurley, Chair, and Allen Altman, Vice Chair, on their new leadership positions on the Pasco County School Board!


Outstanding School Volunteers

The Outstanding School Volunteer Award is presented annually to school volunteers who have shown outstanding dedication and commitment to quality education in Florida. The Pasco County Schools 2015-16 Outstanding School Volunteer Award winners are: 

  • Youth Category: Xander Miller, Gulfside Elementary School volunteer
  • Adult Category: Jennifer Jaye, Odessa Elementary School volunteer
  • Senior Category: Carl Serpe, Gulf Middle School volunteer


Cambridge Veteran’s Day Celebration Success

The Cambridge Programme at PHS sponsored a Cambridge Veterans Day Celebration. The event raised $530 for The Circle of Veterans, which is an organization in Dade City. The event included music, games, food, and raffles.



Deer Park Elementary staff would like to thank Terry Aunchman, Director of Career and Technical Education for funding our Project Lead The Way (PLTW) curriculum at our school.  It is a pleasure to see our students so engaged as they develop their skills as future engineers, scientists and problem solvers! -Megan Hermansen, Assistant Principal, Deer Park Elementary School

Superintendent Browning: I wanted you to know how much I appreciate Tracy Miller and Zack Stoutimore [providing] district support and coaching in moving our building forward with math instruction...Tracy and Zack have come to our school and modeled instruction, facilitated math discussions and provided professional development.  Our staff finds great benefit in District Coaches coming out and modeling with our student, in our classrooms.  The time we have had with Tracy and Zack has validated the hard work we have already put into improving math instruction and reinforces our commitment to continue down the road of balanced and rigorous math instruction. They are both talented individuals who have the ability to support teachers in their everyday work! -Kara Owen, Learning Design Coach, Cotee River Elementary School

Terry Aunchman: I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is and has been to work with Helen Bakomihalis in the short time she has been employed in your department. I realize she has a backlog of items she has been having to clear up and I think she is doing a fantastic job in that regard. In addition, she is very pleasant to speak with on the phone and I have the impression she wants to do things the right way. -Mark Sroka, Finance Services, Property Control, Pasco County Schools

Congratulations to the 5th grade Constitution Essay Winners. Thank you Clerk & Comptroller O'Neil for supporting our students!

Drone Challenge at Woodland Elementary

See how Woodland Elementary students are learning with the help of Parrot Drones.