August 27, 2015

August 27, 2015

August 27, 2015

August 27, 2015

Tropical Storm Erika

Please monitor weather reports in the coming days and be prepared in the event that Tropical Storm Erika becomes a threat to Pasco County.  At this time, the storm is poorly organized with winds of 45 mph, but as it hits the warmer waters of the Caribbean, it could strengthen.  It also currently is not projected to head our way, but we all know how quickly the trajectory can change.  The district works closely with the Pasco Emergency Operations Center, and we will keep students and staff informed if shelters are opened or if any other action related to the storm occurs.


Back to School Safety and Return to Work Program

All employees, including administrative staff, are part of our Safety and Risk Management Programs.  We all participate in providing a safe learning and working environment for our students, staff and visitors on our campuses.  Therefore, we should all be continuously observing and looking for ways to prevent injuries at our worksites.  Any potential hazards should be identified and remedied once we have knowledge that a hazard and or unsafe work practice exits. Please make sure to use appropriate safety measures to prevent injuries including but not limited to:

  1. Make sure teachers are aware and have access to foot stools or small step-ladders to place material on walls and please stress “DO NOT CLIMB ON OR USE CHAIRS OR TABLES as STEP LADDERS OR FOOT STOOLS” as these are not appropriate nor are they engineered to handle this type of activity.  Anything that needs to be hung beyond step-ladder height should be performed by custodial staff.  It is NEVER safe to stand on a chair or table.
  2. Make sure that adequate custodial staff is available for teachers to assist with moving chairs, tables, desks, hanging materials and these type of objects.
  3. Campus and classroom access should be restricted to times when others are present.  No employee should ever be the only employee in the school, so please emphasize the “buddy system” and have set hours for access that everyone adheres to.

Workers’ Compensation Return-to-Work Program
As you may be aware, the District implemented a Stay-at-Work/ Return-to-Work (RTW) Program that promotes keeping employees actively working following a work-related injury or bringing injured employees back to work when they are able to perform on a modified or alternate duty basis.   The RTW program enables us to accommodate employees who get injured on the job by providing modified or alternate duty within the limitations established by the authorized treating physician. We encourage all locations to make an effort to accommodate employees following a work-related injury.  There should be little to no restrictions that we CANNOT accommodate.

If you can accommodate an employee with modified or alternate duties, please contact Risk Management so a RTW Notification may be prepared.

Risk Management Staff:


Logo Standards 

The Communications & Government Relations department has noticed that there may be some confusion about logo usage.  The following are some guidelines:

  • Always use the complete artwork provided by Pasco County Schools.
  • Always maintain proper proportions, and do not stretch the logo to fit a specific space. TIP: Hold the “shift” key to maintain proportions when scaling up or down.
  • Always maintain some clear space around the logo, to separate it from other elements that might distract from it.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Do not separate the logo from the words or alter the relationship of the elements in any way.
  • Do not change the font or alter the spacing between letters.
  • Do not incorporate the logo into your school, department or project logo.
  • Do not change the colors of the logo. If you are unable to use the correct colors due to technical limitations, you may revert to black and white.
  • Do not apply special effects or render the logo to look three-dimensional.

Contact the Communications Department, (813) 794-2449 or for further assistance. More usage guidelines can be found at our Logo Usage and Guidelines page.


Tobacco Cessation Campaign Update

The Employee Health and Wellness Committee created a tobacco cessation campaign as part of the Million Hearts subcommittee's goal. As such, the group has set up the following for this year and next:

  1. All schools (plus maintenance and transportation sites) have been notified of the available wellness programs via CareHere and AHEC that can be held onsite and off for employees who are covered or not covered under the district's group medical plan (see example TBC letter to ALL Principals & Directors). Sites that still allow tobacco use on campus are receiving/ have received an additional letter specifically requesting site space for AHEC or CareHere classes (their choice) during any day(s) and times that would work best for their staff. This second letter requests a response by September 17th so we may get the onsite classes set up as quickly as possible. (See example TBC letter to Principals & Directors .96 campuses)
  2. While the new onsite classes are being set up, employees have access to tobacco cessation through AHEC's community programs (available to all employees) and CareHere (either online program, or working offline directly with the tobacco cessation coach and their provider). These again are advertised through the each individual site, as well as through the Wellness Wednesday flyers, wellness webpage & program calendar,  and all HWC locations. Lisa Kern has also agreed to keep the school nurses up-to-date on the wellness programs so they can help get the word out. Updates went out before school let out, so employees could take advantage of the online and community classes over the summer. We’ve also been included in some of the “back-to-school” meetings such as the New Teacher Orientations and Food and Nutrition’s annual meeting. More notifications and program advertisements are on the horizon now that employees are back and sites are selecting their program dates.

More informatiion can be found on the Pasco Go Healthy page.


Ethics Hotline

The District has established a reporting system that allows individuals to make reports of financial misdeed online or by telephone. We already have a reporting system for other issues. If you suspect that one of our employees is not exercising the highest integrity, you may use this resource to file a report. Anonymous reports will be accepted if you prefer not to reveal your identity. Click here to make an online report to the Ethics Hotline from the Employees page on the district website, or you can call 855-343-5305.


1 Day Sale for Educators

Belk is offering our valued teachers, school administrators, and school employees a little something extra. They are hosting a one special day of shopping and are providing an exclusive educator discount with limited exclusions. Just visit your neighborhood Belk store on Thursday, September 3 with this invitation and a valid school ID to receive your storewide savings!

Date:        Thursday, September 3

Location:  Belk
                 2111 Collier Parkway
                 Land O Lakes, FL 34639



I am the new music teacher at Fox Hollow this year. I’ve been in the county for 16 years and I’ve never met a principal as passionate as Dawn Scilex. As a new staff member, my communication with her so far has been kind and caring. We participated in some innovative activities during this planning week that caused the staff to reach out to the families in our community in some very meaningful ways. She also took time on the first day back to make an extremely personal and inspirational presentation to us. I’ve been through a lot of welcome back meetings but have never been to one that has touched me like that. I can also see her passion reflected in the staff members of the school. They also show the same commitment and attitude. It’s a feeling that has motivated me more to be the best teacher I can be for these students. I just wanted to share those thoughts. -Mary Sadr

Hello Mr. Browning, I wanted to send this email on behalf of the Resolution Specialists (SSPS) to our colleague and partner, Christa Vail.  Christa provides an enormous amount of knowledge, skills, and expertise in the area of transportation for students that are ESE.  She worked diligently the first day of school in the Transportation Call Center to field calls, communicate with parents, and provide general supports.  We are incredibly lucky to have her on our Resolution Specialist team but we also know how lucky the Transportation Department is to share her love for all things ESE. -Jenna Sage, PhD, BCBA, Resolution Specialist, SW, Student Support Programs and Services

Excited Shady Hills Elementary students enjoy breakfast during their first day of school.

School is in Session

Deliberate Practice 2015 - 2016 Formal Introduction

Director Chris Christoff introduces the prioritized elements within Domain 1 of the Marzano Instructional Framework.