August 20, 2015

August 20, 2015

August 20, 2015

August 20, 2015

Welcome Back!


District Success Plan

For the past year, we have been developing a District Success Plan to guide our work moving forward.  The process to create the Plan was collaborative, and led by a steering committee with representatives from schools and the district.  In addition, we worked with district administrators, school principals, teachers, students and interested citizens, holding several focus group workshops during the initial planning phase.

The Success Plan is a strategic plan that will lead the district in 2015-16 to measurable success in four key areas:

  1. Excellence in student achievement
  2. Employee success
  3. Taxpayer value
  4. Connecting to the community

This plan is the district's blueprint for balancing educational excellence and value to taxpayers. 

The Success Plan helps us focus all levels of the district from administration to teachers to cafeteria personnel on work that matters to the district's mission of providing a world class education for all students so that we can realize our vision that all of our students achieve success in college, career, and life.

Key components of the plan include: Success Moments (or goals envisioned), a Work Plan to achieve the goals, and a Performance Scorecard to measure the march to success.

The Work Plan is comprised of a total of 20 tactics, which are special projects and programs that will be executed over the course of the year to achieve the success goals envisioned for a successful year.

The Performance Scorecard - called SEEK-12 (Scorecard for Educational Excellence K-12) is comprised of a total of 46 metrics - the vast majority of which (22) tie to Excellence in Education goals.

As part of this inaugural year of the Success Planning Process, one Success Plan was developed to guide the district and 12 Success Plans were developed by 12 schools.   The12 school plans tie directly to the district plan so that everyone is focused on work that really matters to the district's quest for delivering both educational excellence and value to taxpayers.

Schools involved in Success Planning this year include:

  • Fivay High School
  • Pasco High School
  • Wiregrass Ranch High School
  • Chasco Middle School
  • Charles Rushe Middle School
  • Paul R. Smith Middle School
  • Thomas Weightman Middle School
  • Lake Myrtle Elementary
  • Trinity Oaks Elementary
  • Woodland Elementary
  • Fox Hollow Elementary
  • Sunray Elementary

The Plan is posted on the district website in several places.  Links can be found on the Superintendent’s, School Board’s, and Employees’ pages.  We will post our quarterly report cards on these same pages, and each school’s will be placed on their school website.

If we implement the District Success Plan with fidelity and keep in mind the district’s three key priorities – High Impact Instruction, Data-Driven Decisions, and Collaborative Culture – this district is well-positioned to achieve great success.  It will take all of us working together as a team and holding each other accountable, but if any team can do it, it’s the Pasco County Schools team!


Pasco Sheriff School Safety

The school district and Sheriff’s Office will use social media to communicate coordinated messages when there is law enforcement activity at schools.  The new sites are,, and  Posters will be disseminated to all district schools with a message that encourages parents and staff to use these social media sites to get accurate messaging when they hear about a school incident.

Follow Pasco Sheriff School Safety: 


New Website

As you may know, Richard Mac Lemale has been redesigning the district homepage and department pages.  The new website was designed to work on all screen sizes.  It's optimized for smart phones, tablets, computers, and large screen computers.  That means that it will look virtually the same, and will contain all the same information, on all screen sizes, so try it on your desktop, iPad and phone.  In addition, we have new landing pages for students, parents, employees, and the community, replacing the dropdown menus.  This will make it easier to provide specific information to specific groups, and to add new items as necessary. 


Coming to Pasco County Schools in August: myPGS

Pasco County Schools is pleased to announce the newest component of the Local Instructional Improvement System (LIIS) digital tools, myPGS. Beginning in August 2015, mPGS (my Professional Growth System) will become available to all staff, replacing Avatar and iObservation. All inservice data currently stored within Avatar, TERMS, and iObservation will transfer into myPGS, including all inservice histories, course transcripts and past evaluations. myPGS will be used to access and manage all professional learning activities after August 1 and all 2015-2016 instructional evaluations will be instructed facilitated in myPGS. All staff will be instructed on how to access myPGS and navigate the system over the next few weeks; primary support will be provided via brief training videos included in the system. Additional support will be provided by designated staff at each work site and from the online myPGS technical support team. 


Username: First part of email address prior to @ symbol 

Password: Munis password

For more information regarding the myPGS professional learning system (Avatar), please contact Scott Larson in the Office for Professional Development and School Supports at ext. 42164 or via email at

For information regarding the myPGS professional growth system (iObservation), please contact Phil Kupczyk in the Office for Professional Development and School Supports at ext. 42263 or via email at

myPGS Video Tutorials

Deliberate Practice Update

In an effort to focus our work on fewer Domain One elements, we have worked directly with Learning Sciences International (LSI) to prioritize 8 focus elements for classroom instructional staff and 4 focus elements for non-classroom instructional staff that will drive DP Plans:

PLEASE NOTE:  Teacher Deliberate Process Steps to be completed in myProfessional Growth System:

  1. Teachers take self-assessment limited to 4 or 8 Focus Elements depending on role
  2. Teachers choose 1 Element based on self-assessment results
  3. Teachers create DP Action Plan and submit for administrator approval

*Deadline for teachers to complete the above steps in myPGS is Friday, September 11, 2015.


Travel Request Guidelines

The 2015-2016 Travel Guidelines were recently sent to administrators. The new travel request form can now be viewed online. In addition, the Travel Request-Professional Development form can be accessed in the For Employees section of the District website, under the category “Online Resources.”


Learn How 511 Can Help You Navigate Back-To-School Traffic

As millions of students and educators across Florida prepare for the new school year, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) reminds parents and employees to stay safe and avoid traffic by using its free 511 Traveler Information System. FDOT’s 511 system provides real-time traffic information for the entire state through the phone, website, Android and Apple mobile apps, and Twitter feeds. The system is updated with traffic information, including crashes, commuter travel times, congestion, lane closures, severe weather, construction and emergency evacuation information on all interstate highways, toll roads and many other metropolitan roadways. Travelers can sign up for route-specific email, text and phone alerts on the website. Alerts can be customized by choosing the time of day, day of week, and type or severity of incidents. Regular updates are also provided on the 12 region and roadway-specific FL511 Twitter accounts. The 511 system is available from cell phones and landlines; however, standard cell phone minutes, text and data rates may apply.

Florida 511 Features

  • Traffic information on all interstate highways and toll roads including Florida’s Turnpike and many other major metropolitan roadways
  • Commuter travel times and reports on crashes, lane closures, construction and severe weather affecting travel
  • Access public transit, airport and seaport information
  • AMBER, Silver and LEO alerts, and emergency evacuation information (Silver Alerts notify the public when law enforcement agencies are searching for missing adults or citizens with cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia. Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Alerts notify the public when law enforcement officers are searching for an offender(s) who has seriously injured or killed a law enforcement officer.)
  • Visit for travel information, traffic camera views and to set up route-specific personal alerts
  • Voice-activated and touch-tone navigation available
  • 511 call and website available in English and Spanish
  • A free resource of the Florida Department of Transportation; standard cell phone minutes or text and data charges may apply

Florida 511 Benefits

  • Helps drivers avoid traffic congestion and road construction
  • Reduces frustration and relieves stress for travelers
  • Helps users make informed travel choices
  • Allows users to change their travel behavior including altering their routes and departure times
  • Reduces time spent idling in traffic which reduces emissions  
  • Information available on the website as well as Android and Apple mobile devices
  • Increases driver convenience by delivering traffic information to users when they want it


Ethics Hotline

The District has established a reporting systeme that allows individuals to make reports of financial misdeed online or by telephone. We already have a reporting system for other issues. If you suspect that one of our employees is not exercising the highest integrity, you may use this resource to file a report. Anonymous reports will be accepted if you prefer not to reveal your identity. You can make an online report to the Ethics Hotline from the Employees page on the district website, or you can call 855-343-5305.


Please Note:

If you’re coming to the District Office Complex for training or a meeting, please wear your school I.D. badge so you don’t have to wear a hand-written stick-on badge.



Hi Andy Dunn, well now that I’m done being all teary, I can write…First, I’ve sent the video on to Carrie, the social media director for Special Olympics USA and have asked her to post it, so that should be coming this week. Second, I don’t know where to start on describing what an AMAZING job you’ve done – throughout the team’s entire process – of capturing beautiful images, creating really well-done videos, and most importantly, telling their story in such a simple, yet clear and powerful way that gives a holistic look at what Special Olympics and Unified Sports is about, at its best, through the eyes of this team. Your work shows how thoroughly you “get it,” but more importantly, your efforts will help countless more people understand the impact of Special Olympics and, I hope, inspire them to participate as partners, athletes or coaches. Plus, you’re really nice to work with! On behalf of Special Olympics USA and the Special Olympics movement, “thank you!” for such outstanding work! -Amie Dugan, Director of Marketing and Communications, North America, Special Olympics

Mr. Browning, please do me a favor.  Please take a moment to pay a visit to Jennifer Waselewski and thank her for her leadership with the English/Language Arts department. Since she was hired, she has been really driven. She responds quickly to questions and pulling together our symposium is awesome along with the book adoption at the same time. She has been to our school every time we needed her and answers my emails pretty darn quick. (you know, I hate to be ignored) Also, I attended an in-service facilitated by Janet Anderson. I can tell you that she did more to explain the Marzano framework than all the PLC trainings.  I look forward to working with her in the future. If you can please give her a high five, I am sure it would be appreciated. -Vance Scheer, Pasco High School, ELA-PLC facilitator

Mark Fox, I just wanted you to know that I think of thanking you and your crew more than I send you emails.  As we get ready to open the GMS campus to around 1300 students and close to 165 staff, I am truly thankful for what you have been able to do for GMS and all the other Pasco Schools. Again, on behalf of myself, David Vanmensel, Barbara Kleinsorge, Cher Hill and both our staffs…Thank you. -Jason Joens, Principal, Gulf Middle School

Brian M. Dean, wow the website for Secondary Math has everything you ever thought you would need to facilitate instruction and then resources that go above and beyond that all at your fingertips with very easy access.  Putting all of that together had to have been a major undertaking and required a team effort so Kudos to everyone who worked on it! -Jackie Watson

Jackie Watson, thank you for taking the time to give us positive feedback! We are very happy to know we are meeting the needs of our teachers and I am blessed to be a part of an amazing team here in Pasco! Please know this is just year one of our three year project to get the best resources possible at the fingertips of our teachers! Great things are happening in Pasco County Schools! -Brian M. Dean, Senior Instructional Specialist, 6-12 Mathematics, Office for Teaching and Learning

Through Marjorie's Hope School Supplies, 1,300 students will receive backpacks and school supplies.

Superintendent Browning's Welcome Back Message to Staff

Professional Development

myPGS Full System Introduction & Walkthrough