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School Concurrency

Concurrency is a growth management concept intended to make sure that the needed public facilities and services like parks, roads, drinking water, sewers, garbage collection, and stormwater systems are available to serve existing and new development. Since 1985 Florida has required all Florida cities and counties to approve new development only when those facilities and services are available at a level of service approved by the elected officials. In other words, a county or city cannot approve a new development if the approval would cause the level of service of a public facility to drop below the approved level.

In 2005 the Florida Legislature required that most counties and cities must also make sure that adequate public schools are available before they approve new residential development. School concurrency applies to residential development. For a residential development to be permitted, adequate school capacity must be available or scheduled to be under actual construction within three years of the final approval. If capacity is not available, the developer, school district and affected local government must work together to find a way to provide capacity before the development can proceed.

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