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Code Compliance



A building code program is mandated by Florida State Statute 240.209, 553.80(6) F.A.C. Rule 6C-14020(2)


The objective is to establish and implement a building code enforcement program for Pasco County Schools to protect the public’s life, health, and welfare in the built environment. This protection shall be provided through the state’s implementation of the Florida Building Code and the application of the performance based standards contained within it. The program shall be administered through review of plans and specifications and on-site construction inspections as required insuring compliance with state of Florida codes and standards.


Florida law and regulations require that all new buildings constructed and modifications to existing buildings be reviewed and inspected for compliance with adopted building codes and standards. The policy requires all School Board entities charged with building construction, repair, or modifications on School Board owned property to submit construction plans and specifications for review by the School Board’s Building Code Administrator. No construction may begin until a building permit has been issued. Minor repairs may be made with the approval of the Building Code Administrator without a permit, provided that such repairs shall not violate any of the provisions of the Florida Building Code.


Construction Services and Code Compliance: Pasco County Schools shall appoint a qualified Building Code Administrator to manage the building code inspection department. The Building Code Administrator shall be licensed by the Department of professional Regulation as a Building Code Administrator. The NCECC shall employ qualified inspectors, licensed by the Department of Professional Regulation, to administer the building inspection program. For questions about Code Compliance please contact Charlie Hammond, Chief Building Official:


It is the mission of the District Safety Inspectors of Pasco County Schools to create the safest public school environment in the State of Florida.

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